About the print edition

Since its inception, Luxurious Magazine has never been one to follow the standard convention, particularly when it comes to producing a fancy media pack where guesswork is involved and none of the figures is provable.

Therefore, we have taken the bold step to dispense with one, opting to follow our conscience and not follow the rest of the industry who showcase numbers purporting to provide you with an accurate overview based on guess-work and small polls.

Everything about media packs with fancy graphics, showing charts and percentages with ‘so-called’ facts and figures goes against our ethical approach. Quite simply, Luxurious Magazine is what is it, a no-nonsense privately owned media brand with a global readership, almost 500,000 true followers on our social media channels and over 300,000 unique visitors to the online magazine each month.

We feel that our print edition is likely, the finest example of a dedicated luxury coffee table magazine in the market. Why coffee table? Quite simply, this is where you will more often than not due to its heavy focus on editorial content. You’ll find the print edition in the suites of some of the world’s finest hotels, in world-renowned restaurants, galleries, private clubs, health spas, clinics, private financial institutions and much more.

The magazine can be read in specially chosen locations where the best only want the best. We believe that we are one of the very few publications in the world who can offer an accurate overview of its readership. The magazine cannot be purchased or subscribed to, it is only available to people who frequent these high-end establishments.

Thus, it is safe for us to say that almost everyone who reads the print edition of Luxurious Magazine has to considered to be High-net-worth. We believe that this is exactly what a prospective luxury advertiser wants to hear. Also, our distribution model and unique magazine dating system mean that upwards of 320,000 people can read each print edition.

If you would like to find out more, including where the magazine is distributed and rates, please contact Jon McKnight via email [email protected].com or telephone +44 (0)207 193 8380