12 Practical Travel Vlogging Tips that Could Make You an Online Superstar

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Travel vlogs are captivating, authentic, and motivating as they allow people to experience a place for the first time. As a result, it’s not surprising that vlogs receive four times more social media engagement than other types of travel content.

These days, travel videos are becoming incredibly popular on YouTube and other social media platforms. At times, words and images may not be enough to communicate the grandeur of the landscape you are viewing; instead, you can shoot and publish travel vlogs based on your real-life experiences.

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As a travel vlogger, you have a significant amount of responsibility. It would be best if you were travelling to beautiful locations, doing incredible things, and then creating high-quality videos to document your experiences. There is only one issue with this seemingly straightforward process: where can you find decent vlog ideas? How should the videos be?

Each video should include a new twist to keep your viewers interested. They must enjoy it so much that they want to hop in a vehicle or an aeroplane and travel to anywhere you mentioned in your vlog.

Unsure about how to go about it?

Fortunately, you are at the right place!

So, if you would love to partake in this and jump on the bandwagon of travel video makers, perhaps a few tips could help you in the process!

For your ease, we have compiled a list of travel vlog tips to provide you with a good idea of how to approach travel vlogging, resulting in intriguing vlogs that will bring you more viewers.

So let’s dive right in,

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1. Avoid Filming Everything
Sure, your trip to a new place could be really enriching. The delights of exploring a new area and filming what you see are pretty natural. On the other hand, your viewers do not need to know everything. In reality, you don’t need to record every detail of your journey. Do not become so engrossed in travel vlogging that you neglect to enjoy yourself on your trip. Taking everything on a trip is a pointless exercise. Create a theme for your travel vlog ahead of time, then anchor it with some engaging video clips.

2. Take some inspiration on other travel vlogs And use good video editing tools
It is suggested that you look into videos by other video editors and their trip vlogs. There is no harm in borrowing inspiration from other prominent people on the internet to create vlog themes. Also, use a professional online video editor to create your professional-looking vacation vlogs. The tools will make your videos look more polished and flawless.

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3. Capture One Activity Or Place At A Time
With so many options for what can or must be shown to the audience, it’s easy to become puzzled. As a result, a structure is required to provide a storyline that is not too complex and difficult for viewers to understand. Perhaps concentrate on a few relevant and essential things that will help you create a compelling story for your travel vlog. Whatever the case may be, stay focused and try shooting only interesting spots, stunning views, or special activities that you really appreciate.

4. Keep The Videos Short and Crisp
A travel vlogging video should not last more than 3-5 minutes. Furthermore, talking sections should be no longer than 30 seconds. Otherwise, the viewers will become disinterested. Keep your videos short and pleasant at all times. Understand that people’s attention spans for videos are limited. The shorter the video with more material, the better for viewers to spend their time on your channel. Hence they must be brief and well-thought-out in order to persuade an audience to view it.

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5. Include Others In The Vlog
Have you made a new friend on your trip? Or are you going with a buddy? How about informing your audience and the rest of the world about them? At tourist places’ locals often enjoy being part of vlogging videos. You could potentially make it a more immersive experience for the audience by asking questions to your buddy on camera. They might even reveal interesting information on places to visit and activities to do in the area that will benefit your viewers!

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6. Flaunt Yourself As It Is Your Vlog
You are the star of your travel vlogs. It should be a priority to appear in the vlog. Dress up and participate in the activities to make the videos more vibrant and enjoyable. Confidence is critical for developing a great video and entertaining the audience. Sure, you can be camera shy and stutter a little due to the nervousness that comes with being on camera. However, you really shouldn’t hesitate from the lens but instead practice to master yourself. We bet people will remember and recognize you as a travel vlogger or video maker if you speak to the camera and make the audience feel they are a part of the trip.

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7. Show the place from your eyes
The biggest distinction between a travel vlog and a regular travel video is the viewpoint. You can take the video or incorporate some of your thoughts into it and share it with your viewers. A travel vlog is essentially your point of view on the world. So why not share your point of view with your followers? Not everyone will have the same perspective or experiences in a place like Goa. Some may want to stay on the beaches, while others may go wild on a banana boat excursion with family and friends. But is that your point of view? As you record trip vlogs, you might learn about your own style.

8. Avoid Noise Disturbance In The Background
When filming videos for vacation vlogs, you are usually standing outside the door. Wind, Rain, Breeze, and other noise will degrade your videos, so keep them as far away as possible. On the other hand, music in the background is an excellent way to replace disturbance.

9. Ensure Your Videos Are Stable
A decent video shot should be more than enough to show where you are, what you’re doing, and what the audience will see. A premise is best established when a prized photo is taken that perfectly depicts the place. Starting your video, for example, with a bird’s eye view of London from the London Bridge or a very stunning photo of the London Bridge will give viewers a notion of where you are and will keep them watching the vlog.

10. Take Stable Shots
Nobody enjoys a poorly made video. You will just skip the video if the visuals are jerky or unsteady, right? It’s because viewers like to see a well-planned and produced video with high quality. So, one of the most important things to remember is to be very careful of how you record the video. If necessary, use stabilizing tools in video editing, and they may assist you in keeping your videos steady.

11. Add Good Music
Without a doubt, good music always improves the mood, whether in movies, music videos, or vlogs. The tunes you select, and the background music you incorporate in your vlogs elevate the video’s feel, vibe, and mood to the next level. For instance, if you’re making a Paragliding vlog, you might choose a heart-pounding rock or pop song to get the viewers’ adrenaline pumping.

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12. Have the right gear
Every video editor must have the proper equipment. This should not worry you! A heavy-duty camera or pricey gimbals are not always the appropriate gears. You can begin with a smartphone with a good camera. The goal is that your phone should be able to capture high-quality video that can be used across all media channels and edit them using tools.

Now that you have all of the essential tips, why not make 2022 your year to kick-start a travel vlog? Pull up your socks and get started!

Good Luck!

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12 Practical Travel Vlogging Tips that Could Make You an Online Superstar 2


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