The Gift Of Giving Chocolates by Sabi Phagura

Gifts of chocolate or roses are often said to be clichés because they are generic. They lack specificity and speak to everyone and not just the receiver.

Gifts of chocolate or roses are often said to be clichés because they are generic. They lack specificity and speak to everyone and not just the receiver.

But add some thought into that very gift, and it can speak volumes about the giver. When it comes to chocolate, it’s been used as a present for many centuries and for various different occasions. The tradition dates back to ancient times when the Aztecs presented cups of a chocolate drink to their royalty, warriors and explorers. They believed the cacao beans that are used to make chocolate were a gift from their gods.

To this day, chocolate is given and received in very much the same way. But the makers of zChocolat have gone one step further to elevate the art of giving to a new level of personal expression – one that assures the sender will make a grand and lasting impression.

Brainchild of Valerie and Jean-Philippe, zChocolat was born in November 1999 near Aix-en-Provence in France. The French are experts in all things gourmet and this chocolate is no exception. Made from 100% pure cocoa butter, modest sugar, high cocoa content and no alcohol, the exquisite chocolates can be made to order and shared with the rest of the world. And you know you’ll be getting the best because World Champion chocolatier Pascal Caffet is the one who helps create them.

The zCollection I received complete in their signature Mahogany Collection box, consisted of numerous chocolates. Numbered from 0 to 24, they come with the famous Z chocolate. These signature dark, milk and white chocolates include rich ganaches prepared with French butter and cream and finely textured pralines honed from a mixture of Valencia almonds and Piedmont hazelnuts. The organic outcome of these beautiful products is the result of meticulous chocolate tasting and feedback from customers. And just when you think you found your favourite one in the pack, the next one tastes just as tantalising. I’m still trying to figure out whether I like number 1 or number 24 the best. Truth be told, each one tastes better than the last and it’s virtually impossible to compare them.

In my rush to taste them, I failed to recognise the personalised plaque on the box with my name engraved on it until a few days later. Such a delicate touch. This is what Nadia and Valerie mean about the art of giving and the sender leaving a lasting impression. The box comes inside a pouch together with a card which can be customised with a personal message. A second booklet will tell you in detail the ingredients used to make each individual chocolate.

So whether you want to give a special gourmet gift for an anniversary, cheer someone up, or simply say ‘I Love You’, why not leave your own lasting impression? There are many chocolates and packages to choose from and you don’t even have to wait for an occasion.

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