Is The Hästens Vividus The World’s Most Luxurious Bed?

The Hästens Vividus The World’s Most Luxurious Bed

The Vividus – a £100,000 bed fit for a king (or queen) – looks set to give you the most sublime sleep you’ve ever had. Here’s why…

Last week, Swedish expert bed makers, Hästens, unveiled their latest luxury creation to the world. The £100,000 Vividus is made by specially selected artisans, using only the finest materials. Each bed takes over 320 hours to create and a meticulous eye for detail is essential.

Jan-Erik Leander, Master Craftsman of the Vividus
Jan-Erik Leander, Master Craftsman of the Vividus

Family-run Hästens have been creating their iconic, celebrity-loved beds since 1852 and used expertise acquired over 6 generations to create the Vividus. There was no time limit, no budget and no restriction on materials.

Each part of the bed was carefully considered – from the hand-sewn layers of horsehair and cotton, to the redwood pine bed frame from north Sweden. Plus, anyone who purchases the Vividus can expect to receive a bed that’s completely customised for their needs.

The Vividus has been finished with Hästens’ patented blue checkered print. It’s not only a promise of luxury but in Sweden, is more recognisable than the country’s own flag.

Jan-Erik Leander, Master Craftsman of the Vividus, says: “Vividus is a unique project for craftsmen, enabling them to work daily with techniques that have been practised and developed for more than 160 years. To be part of a team making the world’s best bed is a prestigious assignment that few people are privileged to be a part of.”

He adds: “It is a bed made without compromises in materials, time or craftsmanship. We cherish each bed from start to finish like a part of our own family. I believe that is what gives Vividus a soul and character of its own.”

By Leanne Kelsall

Hästens Vividus – Where and How?

The Vividus is available to buy online at or in the Fitzrovia and Chelsea stores. Prices start at £100,000.

Hästens Fitzrovia
66-68 Margaret Street, London W1W 8SR

Hästens Chelsea
115, Fulham road, London, SW3 6RL

Hästens Vividus

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