2017 Could Be The Year When Professional Interior Design Goes Mainstream

2017 Could Be The Year When Professional Interior Design Goes Mainstream

According to property industry experts, one of the leading trends in 2017 will be the presence of interior design agencies in unexpected places.

While the very wealthy have long employed the unique talents of those with the vision to transform their properties’ interiors, 2017 will be the year that interior design goes mainstream.

Robert Walker, Managing Director from Alexander James Interior Design explains: “We are working with a growing number of individuals who never imagined they would be employing interior designers to create a beautiful interior for their home. Interior design used to be the preserve of the very wealthy. Now, there’s a growing trend for people at every level of the property ladder to use expert services of this nature.”

According to the experts at Alexander James, 2017 will see an increasing number of individuals using interior designers to help rent out and sell their properties. Dressing a rental property professionally is a sure-fire way to make it stand out (and command higher rent).

The growth of the private rented sector (PRS) in the UK has led to a plethora of individuals becoming landlords in order to enjoy rental yields at the same time as capital gains. Those looking to achieve maximum income from their rental property are increasingly using interior design services to do so. Dressing a home that’s for sale is the ideal way to make a good impression on potential buyers; a fabulous interior can help a property to sell faster, and for more money.

Albury Park Mansion in Surrey is the perfect example of this. One apartment in the prestigious Grade 2 listed building saw a staggering 65% increase in value after being professionally dressed by the Alexander James team. As well as the obvious monetary benefits, a growing appreciation of the value of interior design is another factor behind the trend, with many individuals seeking to use professionals to dress their home for their own benefit.

According to the American Society of Interior Designers: “Effective interior design… helps everyone get and stay healthy; it helps us have fun, age gracefully, and connect with family. Design is at the crux of how we live, work, and play.”

Marketing expert Brandon Gaille believes that specialised interior design businesses will grow by around 20% over the coming decade, compared with a 13% increase in interior design jobs. This is reflective of the spreading interest that individual homeowners (be they owner-occupiers or landlords) have in using interior design services to create more beautiful homes.

Alexander James’ Robert comments: “There’s a real push from those with homes in the sub-£2 million price bracket to use interior designers at the moment and this trend looks set to grow in 2017. Interior design is no longer the exclusive preserve of homeowners with country mansions or high-end central London apartments. 2017 is the year to think ironically ‘outside the box’ when it comes to interiors!”

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