Beauty Treatment Review: Bios Square Epil Laser At 5-Star Clinic Bodyvie

Leanne Kelsall tries the world’s fastest laser hair removal at London’s renown Bodyvie Medi-Clinic.

The latest in laser hair removal has just landed at celebrity-loved cosmetics clinic, Bodyvie. Set in affluent South West London, this forward-thinking clinic is the first and currently only to offer the Bios Square Epil Laser. It promises results 3 x faster results than current systems with very little pain or downtime.

So, did it live up to expectations? (Spoiler: It did!) Read on to find out.

About Bodyvie
Before we get to the juicy part, here’s a little information about Bodyvie and its founder.

Bodyvie offers advanced anti-aging and body treatments from its pristine clinic in the London Borough of Richmond.

The clinic is all about enhancing your natural beauty with pioneering procedures that you won’t find elsewhere. And there are all sorts on offer, from nonsurgical nose jobs to facial peels and fillers.

With a real emphasis on care, technicians work closely with their patients to discuss their desired results, making sure they’re happy every step of the way. You can expect the expertise of Harley Street with the attentiveness of a five-star hotel.

Bodyvie and its Medical Director and Lead Doctor, Dr Andrew Weber, have an ever-growing list of celebrity fans, who favour the clinic for its privacy and professionalism. Dr Weber has been at the forefront of medical aesthetics for 20 years and is one of the UK’s leading specialist cosmetic doctors. So you’re in the hands of an expert.

What is laser hair removal?
Laser hair removal is a one-way ticket to a fuzz-free physique. It puts an end to painful waxing and epilating sessions, as well as unsightly stubble and painful ingrown hairs. It’s designed for both men and women but will only work on light skin and dark hair. It doesn’t work so well on dark skin or red hair. Laser hair removal has been around since the 60s but since then, there have been huge advancements in the technology used.

How is the Bios Square Epil Laser different?
Receiving rave reviews from aesthetic professionals, this laser is 3 x faster than its rivals. As well as hair removal for the face and body, the Square Epil works well on vascular lesions, benign pigmented lesions, non-ablative photo-rejuvenation, anti-ageing, warts and onychomycosis.

Where did it originate from?
Nd-Yag and Alexandrite lasers have been used for years for hair removal, vascular and pigmentation issues. However, combining them together with an increased spot-size of the Square Epil allows it to treat high energy onto larger areas, meaning lightning-quick hair removal.

Why do celebrities love this treatment?
The combined emission (Nd-Yag and Alexandrite wavelengths) make this is the fastest laser available today – perfect for the busy celebrity lifestyle when you always need to be red carpet-ready.

Does it hurt?
Generally, no. But that does depend on your pain threshold. I found the treatment to feel a little hot with an elastic band-like pinging sensation. However, it only lasted for a minute or two before it was over. From my experience, it’s slightly more painful than traditional laser systems (like Soprano Ice) but it’s a small price to pay for speedier results.

How long does one session take?
This treatment is incredibly fast. I was shocked. An entire body session takes just 45 minutes. I opted for a single area and that was over in a matter of minutes.

My results and what you can expect.
I was so impressed with the results. I noticed an improvement after just a single session. (With other systems, it had taken me three or four sessions to notice a decrease in growth.) In general, you’ll get at least an 80% reduction in hair after six sessions.

How long do results last?
Although the aim is to permanently destroy hair follicles, the system won’t stop new hairs growing. That’s not actually possible. Instead, you’ll want to target new growth as it appears. After your initial course of treatments (your technician will advise on how long this needs to be; usually 6-8 sessions) maintenance will be about once a year.

How much does it cost?
Sessions are priced per area, a full body session costs £515.

Overall, I couldn’t recommend the Square Epil and Bodyvie enough. The results are FAST, practically pain-free and I couldn’t have felt in safer hands.

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