Duck Cosmetics – A Natural Extension of The Duck Group

Looking good is now as easy as ABCD. Ong Chin Huat checks out the newest offerings in by the Duck Group – Duck Cosmetics.

Highly anticipated and definitely not disappointing, The Duck Group recently unveiled its latest venture, Duck Cosmetics at their new store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Having made a name for themselves with Duck Scarves, Duck Stationery, Duck Home & Living, Duck Cosmetics is just a natural extension for The Duck Group’s founder Vivi Yusof of Fashion Valet fame to launch a make-up line.

“I’ve always loved make-up. I remember wearing concealer to school at 13 years old and thought I was the coolest girl in school when in fact I looked like I had skin disease with light circles all over my face,” Yusof recalls hastening to add that Duck Cosmetics represents a dream come true for her.

Consisting of Lip Stick, Lip Cream, Lip Gloss, two eye shadow palettes and make-up remover, Duck Cosmetics’ debut collection represents a range of products which Yusof says is the most basic and crucial in any woman’s daily beauty routine.

But this appears to be just the start. Yusof says: “I cannot wait to reveal all the things that we have line up for our duckies! Just like our scarves, our make-up is so much more than just products. They represent a lifestyle. No matter what our personalities are, make-up can change anything, whether it is to highlight, improve or transform, the magic of cosmetics is endless!”

Plans to reveal Duck Cosmetics’ full range of make-up are in the works, possibly by the end of the year. But in the meantime, fans of this line are relishing in colours such as Pinky Phoebe lipstick, Snazzy Stella lip cream, Lady Eleanor lip gloss as well as the Nude Eye Shadow Palette or the Smokey Eye Shadow Palette. The No Filter Make-Up Remover, on the other hand, is a one-step multi-tasking product which removes make-up, cleanses and tones at the same time and comes in three different variants – hydrating, brightening and refreshing.

When asked who inspired her to launch a make-up line, Yusof replies without skipping a beat: “It all started with watching my mother get ready as a little girl. I would be in awe every time she stepped out of her bathroom. She kept all her cosmetics in white drawers and when she wasn’t looking I would rummage through them and it would make me feel like I was her.”

The Duck Cosmetics Debut Collection is now available at Duck Cosmetics Flagship Store at Level 6, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

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