World’s First Personalised Beer Platform has Launched in the UK

On 8 November 2017, the world’s first personalised beer platform Unlimited Brewing launched in the UK.

The Beer Platform gives customers the power and freedom to personalise existing beers from the Unlimited Brewing (UB) portfolio or design their own from scratch. They can start with low quantities and can either have their packaging and labels designed with the in-house UB design team or with their own design teams. The platform is already being used by trade shows and exhibitions, corporate offices, hotels, restaurants and private events such as weddings.

Every brewery has a story, unique tastes and it’s own personality. UB work with a network of breweries around the world to produce personalised beer for their clients. The beer is produced as close as possible to the final point of consumption, which reduces shipping costs and the carbon footprint so is friendlier to your pocket and the environment.

Unlimited Brewing currently operates in the United States, with an office in New York. The United Kingdom is the second launch country and has set up office in Fitzrovia, London.

Unlimited Brewing’s Founder & CEO Neil Soni having been passionate about making beer at home, says: “Unlimited Brewing was created with the vision to enable everyone to create and personalise their own beer. Having initially wanting to launch my own brewery, my research found that there was actually excessive spare capacity across existing breweries so rather than launching another brewery, the idea for creating a platform to use the spare capacity of existing breweries was born.”

Notable clients of Unlimited Brewing already include hotels such as the Highgate group, global events companies such as Millennial 20/20, global co-working spaces such as We Work and global consultancies such as Accenture.

“Having a personalised beer at M2020 events, has really created a unique touch to them. The fact that it embraces the sharing economy model of using spare capacity and is good to the environment with a low carbon footprint, is just a bonus!” – Teo Correia, Senior Managing Director, Accenture

“Working with Unlimited Brewing Company has given us the ability to deliver a cohesive and branded guest experience to our Residents” – Peter Raimondi, Food & Beverage Director, Westhouse Hotel New York

This comes at a time where the number of breweries in the UK is at the highest per capita than any other country in the world, according to a survey released by Alltech and The Brewers Journal. In 1970, the UK had 140 breweries and today there are over 1,700 of them according to accountancy group UHY Hacker Young whilst The Brewery Manual puts the final count at 1,544. The UK government reports that a brewery launched nearly every other day in 2015.

“We finally have the Uber of the beer industry. We’ve used the Unlimited Brewing marketplace in New York and London and have to say it has really been a great addition to the closing parties at our events.” Emma Hosgood, Event Director, Millennial 20/20

About Neil Soni
Neil is the Founder & CEO of Unlimited Brewing. Having previously been involved in building various startups and innovation programmes at large corporates, coupled with a personal passion for making beer at home, Neil looked at the opportunity to launch a brewery and craft beer brand. In the process of his research, he realised that there was a supply and demand mismatch in the industry. There was, in fact, an oversupply of brewery production capacity coupled with an increased demand from customers for innovation and personalisation. Unlimited Brewing’s marketplace was born to offer businesses the opportunity to create their own personalised beer while offering breweries the opportunity to operate closer to full capacity and drive new revenue streams.

More information can be obtained from the Unlimited Brewing website

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