Peated Malts of Distinction® Gift Pack, the Perfect Present for Whisky Fans

Peated Malts of Distinction® whisky gift pack

Explore Scotland and Ireland’s most celebrated whiskies through the Peated Malts of Distinction® Gift Pack

Buying the right gift at any time of the year can be tricky, particularly if you are buying for one of the millions of Whisky fans around the country. Fortunately, you can increase the odds of achieving a beaming smile, four-fold, with the Peated Malts of Distinction® Gift Pack and its four award-winning whiskies.

The collection takes will take you on a journey through smoky whisky, offering a varied flavour palate from silky, sweet The Ardmore Legacy and honeyed Connemara, to spicy Bowmore No.1 and the full-bodied smoke of Laphroaig Select. There is plenty for peated whisky lovers and newcomers alike to enjoy.

Treasured Tradition
Each expression within the Peated Malts of Distinction gift pack is crafted with generations-old techniques passed down to produce peated whiskies for any palate and pocket.

Growing just millimetres per year, each peat bog cultivated in the creation of the Peated Malts of Distinction whiskies has a unique terroir, giving the whiskies their own distinctive character.

Once cut, the peat is air-dried before being burnt in the distilleries’ smokehouse kiln beneath the malt to add a gentle or intense smoky flavour to the whiskies.

With an offering spanning the finest examples of peated malts from award-winning distilleries including Laphroaig, the world’s No.1 Islay malt, to Connemara – Ireland’s only peated malt, Peated Malts of Distinction offers a range of unparalleled diversity and quality.

Pairing for Personality
Peated Malts of Distinction encourages you to explore its range to discover your ideal peated whisky. The journey begins in the snowy climbs of the Scottish highlands with The Ardmore Legacy – a lightly peated expression that showcases hints of creamy vanilla, balanced with sweet honey and spice.

For Irish whiskey fans, Connemara is a must-have. Often described as “Islay meets Ireland”, it retains the smooth and sweet taste of Irish whiskey with the smoky taste associated with Islay Malt Whiskies.

Introducing you to Islay is Bowmore No.1. From Islay’s first distillery and the home of the world’s oldest Scotch maturation warehouse, the legendary No.1 Vaults, Bowmore is one of the most collectable single malts in the world. Meticulous maturation in the No.1 Vaults leads to a perfectly balanced peated whisky with smooth and mellow vanilla sweetness, cinnamon spice, zesty citrus and a hint of coconut culminating in a long-lasting peat taste.

Heavily-peated Laphroaig has been dividing opinions since 1815. Malt masters with the confidence to seek out richer whisky experiences will relish Laphroaig Select; sparkling gold in colour, this is a full-bodied and complex whisky reminiscent of burning peat embers with hints of coconut and banana.

Treat your loved one this Christmas and help them find their favourite peated malt whisky with this exclusive gift box. The whiskies are presented in a premium wrapped closing box featuring photography of each distillery alongside 4x5cl miniatures.

The gift pack is available from specialist retailers for RRP £20.

For more information on each of the whiskies in the Peated Malts of Distinction® gift pack, visit:

The Ardmore®:

Please consume in moderation and enjoy responsibly: Drinkaware

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