Leanne Kelsall Picks Five Must-Visit London Restaurants In 2018

Best for…Michelin-starred dining: Pied à Terre

This prestigious Michelin-starred restaurant is one of London’s longest standing and draws in foodies, well-known chefs and A-listers everywhere.

At just 27, the recently-appointed Head Chef, Asimakis Chaniotis, is bringing innovative techniques and flavours to the ever-popular restaurant.

The classic French menu features dishes inspired by his childhood in Athens. Our favourite dishes include the steak tartar which is served on a bed of shells hand-picked by Asimakis when diving in Greece. The feather-light Vichyssoise mousse is not to be missed, served in a laser-cut, hollowed egg. Room for dessert? The rich chocolate pave with a hint of ginger and chilli will hit the spot.

The restaurant’s excellent sommeliers give the restaurant an edge, making guests guess their wine pairings from an impressive global selection.


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