The Gift Of Luxury To Your Body At Portugal’s Longevity Cegonha Country Club

When most people think of Vilamoura, Portugal, they picture golf courses, a popular marina and a plethora of beaches. And while this isn’t wrong (the area boasts five world-renowned golf courses, a marina that has won several awards and some of the finest beaches in Europe), it’s home to a charming hotel with spa and wellness activities that compliments the Vilamoura lifestyle.

Always ones to champion wellness, Luxurious Magazine’s senior reporter, Sabi Phagura, went along to Longevity Cegonha Country Club, where she learned the word ‘luxury’ belongs less to material things, but more to your mind, body and spirit.

The word luxury means different things to different people. But here at Longevity Cegonha, it’s you, your mind and body that is integral to the word ‘luxury’. Everything is tailored to make the client feel special as a person in their own right in the form of a wellness programme that has been designed with just them in mind. Everything else is secondary.

This was evident from the moment I stepped into the boutique hotel nestled in the tranquil green surroundings of the Vilamoura protected area. And there was no rush to check me or the group in. As it was lunchtime, and we had had an arduous journey thanks to a delayed flight, we were whisked off to the dining area. All else put on hold, like pressing the pause button. I liked this place already.

The complex has 32 rooms circulating the bosom of the spa and wellness facilities area.

My room was more spacious than any one-bedroom apartment I’ve ever known, complete with a bedroom, bathroom, living room come dining area and a kitchenette. The balcony overlooked lush green gardens and beyond, where I found myself beginning and ending my day staring out into for a while at a time, for the duration of my stay.

Most guests arriving here will have some indication of the programme (there is a choice of 16 programmes which can range from two to seven nights) that they would like to embark on but a wellness evolution with resident nutritionist Melanie Navalhas can further help determine what programme is suitable for you. As we were only here for a mere few days, we decided to sample a little of everything – including a full day of a liquid diet. It sounds worse than it was.

I am pleased to say the trip started off on a good foot – not least because of my lunch consisting of an amazing watermelon soup (watermelon, cucumber, purple onion, oregano, melon and salt) followed by a veggie burger. But because of my consultation with Mel revealed I have a metabolic age of someone 10 years younger, that put a spring in my step and I was ready to reduce it even more.

There are a plethora of activities to get involved in here from yoga and meditation to pump and jump to TRX. But it’s certainly not a boot camp. There is no screaming or shouting to push yourself to the limit, but there is more of an encouragement to do your best and listen to your body and give it the best rather than punish it. The jump (a trampoline class) took us right back to your childhood days as we laughed through the entire 30 minutes.

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