Aston Martin Cambridge Unveil 24 Limited Edition Cars To Celebrate ’59 Le Mans Win

Aston Martin Cambridge Unveil Limited Edition Of 24 Cars To Celebrate '59 Le Mans Win

Taking inspiration from the historic 1959 Aston Martin Le Mans win, Aston Martin Cambridge has commissioned Aston Martin’s bespoke service Q by Aston Martin to create a limited-edition collection of 24 DBS Superleggeras.

The project will be called ‘DBS 59’ to honour what was a stunning victory for the DBR1 in the world-famous endurance race.

The collection of special edition cars will take its design and styling cues from the Aston Martin DBR1 racing car which powered to victory 60 years ago against the motoring might of marquee names such as Ferrari and Porsche.

With the Aston Martin racing green exterior body colour, the heritage and profile of the DBR1 will be added to Aston Martin’s latest model, the DBS Superleggera, which is available to order now, to create a truly special car with its own unique character and one that makes a real statement.

Striking detailed styling is provided for the collection in the way of unique headlining and bespoke helmet pods that are incorporated into the rear environment. This is thanks to the creativity and design brilliance of Q by Aston Martin’s personalisation service who are working alongside Aston Martin Cambridge to create the collection of 24 ‘DBS 59s’.

Simon Lane, General Manager, Aston Martin Cambridge, is the driving force behind an innovative automotive vision that will combine contemporary performance and legendary status.

“Following the success of our previous special editions that included aviation models of the Spitfire, Blades and Red Arrows, we are delighted to team up with Q by Aston Martin once again. This time we have delved into Aston Martin’s proud sporting history for inspiration as we pay tribute to the 1959 Le Mans victory.

“The 1959 Le Mans win is generally considered to be a major achievement and the milestone of its upcoming 60th anniversary, as well as the launch of the new DBS Superleggera model, has provided a perfect opportunity to try to create a small collection of cars that are truly unique and become a must-have for any Aston Martin lover.”

Prospective owners had the first chance to view the car’s exclusive appeal at a launch event on 1st November. Customers in attendance got up close and personal with heritage DBS models on display as well as the latest addition to the Aston Martin range, the DBS Superleggera.

In addition, to seeing initial render images of the ‘DBS 59’ special edition for the first time, it was announced that the each of the range will come with a full heritage race suit, including helmet, suit, goggles and gloves. Not only that, each of the ‘DBS 59’ models will feature a bespoke exterior jewellery pack.

Simon Lane concludes: “Working in collaboration with Q by Aston Martin, we will create an exceptional car that will deliver a matchless motoring experience. Demand is sure to be high for the limited edition ‘DBS 59’ and I would urge those who may wish to secure one to ensure they do not miss out.

“These will be beautiful statement cars that reflect both the prestige of the modern Aston Martin as well as pay tribute to the brand’s proud past. This combination makes such vehicles hard to resist and why our customers are so keen to take the opportunity to own one.”

To place your order on the limited edition ‘DBS 59’ or for more information, please contact Simon Lane at

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