The Latest Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands You Need To Know About

Latest Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands You Need To Know About

If you’re looking for a beauty routine that’s better for you and the environment, these sustainable cosmetics brands are a great place to start.

It’s not news that our oceans are becoming overloaded with plastic and that switching to reusable coffee shops and shopping bags are an easy way to use less of it. But have you ever considered the impact of your beauty regime?

With countless plastic containers spilling from our bathroom cabinets, not to mention beauty’s carbon footprint and the chemicals used in our favourite products – your beauty haul might be doing more damage than you think.

Previously, there was a bit of stigma around the effectiveness of environmentally-friendly cosmetics versus conventional brands but that’s certainly not the case with some of the newest products you can buy.

So if you’re looking to go green with your regime, try these eco-friendly hair and skin products and you might just find yourself switching for good.

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