Ten Of The Most Comfortable Real-World Luxury Cars of 2019

Uncovering Which Are The Most Comfortable Luxury Cars of 2019

Comfort and luxury go together like red soles and stiletto heels, so it should come as no surprise that the world’s most luxurious cars are also comfortable.

But if you’re like the rest of us, good enough isn’t going to work. You want the most comfortable driving experience money can buy. And these 10 cars deliver.

What Defines a Comfortable Luxury Car?
Think about the most comfortable car you’ve ever driven. What made it so comfortable?

One feature may stand out above all others, but it was likely a combination of factors that contributed to your overall comfort. Even if many of those factors took place behind the scenes.

But when we talk about comfort, there’s a certain amount that’s going to be subjective. That’s especially true for the car’s interior, and things like seat placement, ergonomics and cushioning.

Still, there are ways to determine whether a seat is comfortable. For example, it’s designed to cradle most body types and will put you in the correct body posture for driving. It’s a thing, and it’s especially important for people who suffer from back pain.

We’ve also paid attention to how the car’s suspension is absorbed and isolated – because this has a major impact on the type of ride you’ll get out of any luxury car. The most comfortable cars cope well with pavement flaws and maintain stable throughout the drive.

Click here to see the ten cars chosen.
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