Luxurious Magazine’s Winning Recipe For Dolce Hotels & Resorts By Wyndham

Sabi Phagura joins Dolce by Wyndham chefs Aleece Alexander and Adrien Clauwaert to channel her inner ‘flour power’ at the Waitrose Cookery School in London’s Kings Cross.

With the rise of TV baking programmes on our screens, it’s hardly surprising so many people are rolling up their sleeves and having a go themselves. And it’s not just amateurs getting into the spirit of baking, professional pastry chefs have been getting involved too.

Dolce by Wyndham chefs Aleece Alexander and Adrien Clauwaert.
Dolce by Wyndham chefs Aleece Alexander and Adrien Clauwaert.

Two Dolce by Wyndham chefs – Aleece Alexander of Dolce Aspen Meadows Resort and Adrien Clauwaert of Dolce by Wyndham La Hulpe Brussels, went head-to-head in a bake-off to determine the winning biscotti recipe for Dolce Hotels & Resorts by Wyndham! The setting for the competitive chefs was Waitrose Cookery School in London’s Kings Cross and Sabi Phagura was present to put her home-honed baking skills into the mix.

Chef Aleece Alexander
Chef Aleece Alexander.

Chef Aleece showcased her sophisticated pistachio, apricot and cranberry biscotti with dried fruit and layers of flavour, while Chef Adrien crafted an “Amande” biscotti recipe with an almond flavour and hints of hazelnut and lime.

Chef Adrien Clauwaert
Chef Adrien Clauwaert.

As part of “Chef Aleece’s team”, we learned step-by-step what it takes to make the perfect biscotti and picked up some great tips. You must never crack eggs on the side of the mixing bowl, and only the highest quality amaretto should be used. Mixing flour too much is a big no-no, while dried fruit must be finely chopped to ensure there are no big lumps when rolling the dough into a log.

The twice-baked process of the biscotti should never be rushed, and as our team was crowned the winner of the bake-off by a panel of industry judges, we realised patience really is a virtue. The winning recipe will be featured at Dolce hotels and resorts around the world from when guests check-in at the front desk or when enjoying a coffee at the bar.

The luxury collection of Dolce Hotels & Resorts by Wyndham is dotted around the world, in countries including France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Germany. Each resort is completely unique and inspired by its location and setting. From food to drink and culture and heritage, visitors can really bask in the lap of luxury.

Dolce Hotels & Resorts by Wyndham – Where and How?

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Dolce by Wyndham Biscotti challenge by Sabi Phagura

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