2020 is the Year One in Five Brits Forgot How to Laugh

2020 is the Year One in Five Brits Forgot How to Laugh

Christmas is rapidly approaching and should be the time of laughter and merriment. However, this year has not been one filled with joy thanks in no small part to a global pandemic. The result of this is 68% of Brits believe their mental health has been negatively impacted, and 1 in 5 cannot remember the last time they laughed.

A recent national survey has found that poor mental health is at an all-time high due to COVID-19, with 68% of Brits stating that their mental health has been negatively impacted during the pandemic.

A further 16% of Brits admitted to feeling lonely, whilst almost a fifth of respondents (18%) noted that the biggest hit on their mental health this year was not being able to go on holiday, and 10% linked their poor mental health to being confined to their houses.

With everyone having a tough year, the uncertainty around Christmas has also played a role in adding to poor mental health across the country, according to the research conducted by leading military charity Walking With The Wounded for their Walking Home For Christmas 2020 campaign raising funds for ex-military already in need of support who are now facing a new battlefield in the form of covid-19. Nearly half of Brits (48%) are worried that they won’t be able to spend Christmas with family and friends, with another 15% concerned that they won’t be able to afford Christmas presents this year.

Taking some time for self-care, Brits are trying to combat these mental health worries and are looking at ways to remain positive. Over a quarter (29%) have admitted that they go out for a daily walk or jog, with 55% of men finding walking has kept them feeling positive compared to 45% of women. Furthermore, nearly three quarters (70%) of Brits think laughter and having a joke is beneficial for their mental health, with just under a quarter (24%) having a good laugh within the last week.

However, not everyone has found a reason to smile, as sadly 16% of Brits admit that they cannot remember the last time they had a good laugh.

When Brits are up for a laugh, 50% of respondents turn to the TV for their favourite comedy show, whilst 42% of 18-24 year old’s get their laughs from apps like TikTok, compared to 50% of 45-54 year old’s who prefer to share banter with a family member.

James Holland, Author, broadcaster & ‘We have ways of making you talk’ podcast co-host said – While many of us admit to speaking with family members to help with mental health throughout lockdown, we need to spare a thought for those without family this Christmas and those suffering from loneliness, today, Walking With The Wounded launches their annual Christmas fundraiser Walking Home For Christmas, in order to help our ex-military who are in need of support and especially during this lonely time. We know that talking and daily exercise help to tackle our mental health issues, but humour and camaraderie is also a great way to battle the stresses caused by Covid-19. This is a time like no other to pull together and help to pick up those in need.

Walk of Oman for Walking with the Wounded

The Walking Home For Christmas campaign is Walking With The Wounded’s only fundraising drive this year, raising money to support ex-military facing mental health battles. Challenging the general public to step out of their comfort zone and to walk somewhere important to them in support of Britain’s ex-military. Taking place from Thursday 10th to Sunday 20th December, the challenge is the perfect way to beat lockdown blues while obeying local Covid-19 restrictions.

This year the campaign is supported by stars of the ‘We Have Ways’ podcast, Comedian Al Murray and Historian and Author James Holland. The pair have challenged the British public to send in their best military jokes and banter. They will read out the best ones as they start their Walking Home For Christmas walk, and some will be included in an upcoming episode of the ‘We have ways of making you talk’ podcast. Check out the video and leave your best military jokes and banter in the comment section for a chance to have yours read out by Al and James.

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2020 is the Year One in Five Brits Forgot How to Laugh 2


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