The 2021 Roger Dubuis Excalibur Novelties Cuts Through the Competition

The 2021 Roger Dubuis Excalibur Novelties Cuts Through the Competition

Ong Chin Huat takes a closer look at the latest novelties from Roger Dubuis, the Excalibur Single Flying Tourbillon & the luminescent Excalibur Glow Me Up.

Bold and innovative, Roger Dubuis has always stunned watch collectors and connoisseurs with its unusual take on design and technology. Pushing boundaries and thinking out of the box are just some of the ways this Swiss Maison has set itself apart from the others.

With the recent launch of the brand new Excalibur Single Flying Tourbillon, which was unveiled at the online version of Watches & Wonders this year, Roger Dubuis has again created ripples in the world of haute horology. With a sleek design using modern and technologically advanced materials, the Excalibur Single Flying Tourbillon is rebuilt from the bottom up, with the Roger Dubuis star levitating freely above the barrel.

A close up view of the front of the Single Flying Tourbillon

The signature two-line pattern, the star’s arms, the tourbillon cage, the hour’s markings and the hands all appear as if they will meet, but they never do. This effect is further enhanced by the Poinçon de Genève, a demanding signature in fine watchmaking and one which requires the manual decoration of each and every component of the watch.

It uses a titanium lower tourbillon cage, said to be twice as light as stainless steel and a mirror-polished Cobalt Chrome upper tourbillon cage, which makes it far lighter. The weight reduction enables the timepiece’s power reserve to be radically optimised to 72 hours, allowing the owner to change watches over the weekend and return to it on a Monday without needing a reset.

A man wearing the blue version of the Single Flying Tourbillon

With comfort being a priority, a range of new strap sizes have been made available, and these come with a quick-release system making it extremely easy to remove the timepiece.

Only 88 of these timepieces will be made available. The 42 mm watch comes in dark grey DLC titanium, cobalt chrome CarTech Micro-Melt BioDur CCM and Eon Gold, a pink gold shade with non-tarnish technology.

And as if this technical marvel wasn’t enough, Roger Dubuis has also released the Excalibur Glow Me Up, which is limited to a mere eight timepieces worldwide.

The Glow Me Up timepiece with the front of the watch lit and unlit

The Excalibur Glow Me Up is adorned with 60 baguette-cut diamonds on the bezel; this wearable works of art takes on a different person come nightfall. The timepiece lights up with luminescent and dazzling diamonds with a special technique that makes the diamonds appear luminescent without altering them in the slightest.

A closer look at the Glow Me Up watch fully lit showing a rainbow effect of colours

The way this is done is by a two-step process. The first step involves filling the grooves which hold the diamonds are filled with Super-Luminova. The second step uses an additional patent that enables the Super-Luminova to be applied on the angles of the movement as well as on the iconic star-shaped bridge.

Roger Dubuis has once more raised the bar with its Excalibur Single Flying Tourbillon and the Excalibur Glow Me Up. It’s always a pleasure to what this fine watchmaker has been working on. The new limited edition timepieces are art for the wrist and will undoubtedly take pride of place in a collection.

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The 2021 Roger Dubuis Excalibur Novelties Cuts Through the Competition 2


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