44 Foods Can Make it Feel like the Sun’s Shining Even Under Grey Skies

44 Foods Can Make it Feel like the Sun's Shining Even Under Grey Skies

When ethically-focused farmers and first-class food producers come together, you know your palate is in for an absolute treat. This collective, under the banner of 44 Foods, has created an incredibly convenient way for you to experience the finest British fayre, and we couldn’t say no when presented with the opportunity to try it out.

Thus far, the weather here in the UK can best be described as a mixed bag. One day we have glorious warm weather; the next day, it feels as if we’ve done something to upset the Norse God, Thor! Even though lockdown restrictions are easing somewhat and we’re now able to meet friends and family, albeit in the confines of a garden or outdoor area, there are no guarantees the weather will, as our American friends would say, ‘Play ball’.

The easing of lockdown restrictions means that up to six people can now meet outdoors, and a sure-fire way to celebrate many months of absence is with mouthwatering farm-fresh food. In what could be considered perfect timing, we were recently introduced to 44 Foods, a collective of farmers and food producers who share the same passion – good quality, ethically-produced food at a fair price.

A montage showing some of the farmers and food producers

44 Foods is all about fairness-based partnerships and is a fantastic showcase of British farmers and producers. Some of the British businesses providing products via 44 Foods include Mudwalls Farm, renowned for the outstanding quality of their produce. Rod Adlington, the latest generation of his family to produce high-quality meats. JW Galloway, Buttercross Farm foods, Blue Earth Foods and Stevenson’s for fish, Cotteswold Dairy, Hobbs House Bakery and Cackle Bean Eggs, among many others.

In what will come as excellent news for many who plan to enjoy the outdoor weather with friends and family, 44 Foods offers restaurant-quality food bundles containing produce from all the fantastic producers we’ve mentioned, and the best bit is they can be delivered to your home!

One of the food bundles laid out on a plate

There is a wide range of food bundles on offer that should suit most if not all taste preferences. For example, there are the BBQ meat bundles which is what we opted for, luxury food and breakfast bundles, fish and shellfish, fruit and vegetable and dinner-focused bundles, amongst others.

We’ll get into what we thought of the bundle we tried a little later. Before then, let us look at the two BBQ meat bundles they currently have available.

  • The Medium BBQ Meat Bundle contains 6 x traditional pork sausages and 400g of BBQ pork ribs. In addition, they come with 4 x chicken kebabs covered in BBQ sauce, 1kg of marinated chicken wings, 4 Aberdeen Angus steak burgers and four minted lamb kebabs.
  • The Large BBQ meat bundle comes with 2 x 21-day matured Scotch rump steaks, 800g of BBQ pork ribs and 1kg of marinated chicken wings. Topping this up are 4 x minted lamb kebabs and 4 x BBQ chicken kebabs, 6 x traditional thick pork sausages, 4 x Aberdeen Angus steak burgers and 2 x ultimate Scotch beef burgers.

Fortunately for us, we were sent through the Large BBQ meat bundle and just in time for some sunny weather. The bundle arrived in a refrigerated box with various instruction leaflets and, in addition, also came with some delicious tea courtesy of 44 Foods newest partner, the Brew Tea Co.

My wife Natasha was tasked with the cooking, and she did a magnificent job. The meats were all absolutely delicious, particularly the burgers that went down an absolute treat. Everyone got to try something, even if it was just a burger in a bap cut in half, and the feedback was consistent all the way through. Words and phrases uttered by our guests included succulent, full of flavour and simply delicious!

Some reading this might feel that just being outdoors made the food extra tasty. However, as a regular consumer of many ‘finest range’ products within supermarkets, I will say that meats we tried were a ‘cut above’.

44 Foods was only launched in January of this year, and they’re already making a mark in the highly-contested food delivery marketplace. I do not doubt that the fine quality products we experienced will be consistent right across their full range of offerings. And let’s not ignore how realistically priced the bundles are.

A delicious roast in a dish

Their online food delivery service eliminates the hassle of trawling around a crowded supermarket, sidestepping and avoiding others who have little regard for other people’s health. The 44 foods website is a simple way to do a weekly shop or buying high-quality, home-grown feasts for guests.

With warmer weather on the horizon and the opportunity for some outdoor socialising beckoning, 44 Foods should be one of your first ports of call to make any gathering even more special.

44 Foods – Where and how?

All of the food bundles and individual products offered by 44 Foods can be ordered from their website www.44foods.com. You can also place an order over the phone by calling 01527 460465.

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