57 Nord, An Extraordinary One-of-a-kind Hideaway in Scotland

Views from the living room at 57 Nord

Ready for a well-earned break but would like to avoid the stresses of heading to foreign climes? Good news, we’ve found an extraordinary one-of-a-kind hideaway in the Scottish Highlands which goes by the name of 57 Nord.

Yes, the name 57 Nord doesn’t sound very Scottish or remote. Ask most people to conjure up a name for a Scottish hideaway, and they’d probably plump for McDonald’s Lodge, Cameron Cottage or something similar. But like most things in life, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover or in some cases by a name.

For many, this year for many has been (excuse the Southern British phrase) pants! We know that thousands of you are eager to find somewhere to escape and rediscover yourselves. Over the past few weeks, I’ve made it a personal mission to find amazing places where you can avoid all the madness and of course, that pesky virus. Without any doubt, 57 Nord fits the bill.

Scottish Highlands views over loch

Imagine sitting with a cup of coffee or tea in your hand, looking out over the frankly, breathtaking countryside as the sun rises, or watching the sun go down behind the Eilean Donan Castle, and if you’re feeling adventurous, turning your hand to cooking some fresh crayfish on an open fire.

Already sounds amazing, eh? But, before we get into what the property offers, I know it’s playing on your mind, so, let’s get back to the name. 57 Nord draws its inspiration from the local area’s Scandi-Gaelic heritage – it should make sense now!

Now that has been cleared up, let’s explore what this fantastic property offers.

Inside 57 Nord

57 Nord is a modern boutique property for two. It is situated at the junction of three ancient sea lochs and allows you to experience a traditional crofter’s dwelling, albeit with all the necessary conveniences and luxuries.

Interior shots of 57 Nord

Inside you’ll find a mixture of contemporary Scandinavian hygge and artisanal Scottish details. This combination pays homage to the regions unique Norse-Gaelic heritage. The floor to ceiling windows provide ample light and offer fantastic views over the Kintail Mountains, Loch Duich and Eilean Donan Castle. I know you’re picturing this in your mind, how could you not be inspired and refreshed here?

The luxuries focus on life’s rituals, from the ceremonious first freshly ground morning coffee to the theatre of freshly caught crayfish cooked on an open fire delivered by Duncan, the property’s friendly local fisherman.

The luxury doesn’t stop here. Upon arrival, you’ll be able to enjoy a hamper of fresh artisanal goods including the modern essentials, from expertly baked sourdough to the finest Scottish smoked salmon and local cheeses.

If you fancy stretching your legs, a small hamlet is within walking distance and offers an abundance of supplies.

Reconfirming the world you’ve escaped is just a distant memory, there’s even an honesty bar comprising of internationally celebrated wines and local peated whiskey.

If that’s not enough to thrill your palate, there are acclaimed distilleries within easy reach and restaurants serving world-class cuisine. If you’d rather stay inside 57 Nord enjoying this amazing property and its beautiful views that’s not a problem as you have the option of a chef delivering fine dining directly to the property.

Yes, I know you want to go now, but I haven’t finished painting this word-led picture just yet!

Exploring the countryside in the Scottish Highlands

A few years ago, I was fortunate to experience this incredible part of the world when I undertook the North Coast 500 in a brand new Rolls-Royce. What I experienced is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

One of my fondest memories was the incredibly beautiful, wild landscape along Scotland’s western coastline. It’s truly a place that allows you to clear your mind and switch off. There’s also no excuse to not pay it a visit as it can be experienced in a car, on foot or by boat. You can read about my Scottish personal adventure here.

Looking outside 57 Nord from the living room

Although remote, 57 Nord is easily accessible being two hours from Inverness International Airport and 1.5 hours from Fort William for the Caledonian Sleeper. Governed by the elements, the summer months see up to 18 hours of daylight and during winter you can enjoy the thrill of moody skies and open fires.

I am sure this article has whetted your appetite, for more information on 57 Nord and booking information, visit 57nord.co.uk.

57 Nord, An Extraordinary One-of-a-kind Hideaway in Scotland 2


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