8Track – The Rum That’s Right On Track With Up and Coming Music Artists

8Track - The Rum That's Right On Track With Up and Coming Music Artists

Alcohol and music have been inextricably linked over time – whether you’re drinking it to create music or sipping it to appreciate the taste. But 8Track Spiced Rum has taken it to another level. The independent drinks company based in Cornwall are championing and supporting independent music while perfecting and fine-tuning rum.

Luxurious Magazine’s Sabi Phagura caught up with Jeremy Michell, founder of 8Track rum, to find out more.

Jeremy Mitchell, sat at a table holding a glass of his rum

Luxurious Magazine: How did the idea to create 8Track Spiced Rum come about?
Jeremy: After 16 years working in drinks marketing, I was ready to spread my wings and start my own business. Matt and I got together as we had a shared vision of creating a spiced rum.

It was important to both of us to create a brand that we believed in, one that would take a different approach which would also appeal to consumers. Combining 8Track with music was a natural step, as I had loved working at music festivals in my previous career.

I also have two sons who are in their own guitar band called The Velvet Hands. All these links to the music industry led me to think about getting more involved in music. I was keen to celebrate and support other musicians and performers who are on a similar path.

A bottle of the spiced rum between speakers, with a microphone

LM: Talk us through how you support new music and unsigned artists.
Jeremy: 8Track celebrates and supports people wherever it can. We are still a very young brand ourselves, but this support for independent music is integral to what we do.

Examples include: 8Track selects a track of the week which we promote on all 8Track socials. We work with TULU (The Underground Link Up), a Leamington-based organisation that coaches and mentors new artists.

We also work with Savage, a Manchester-based music promoter. We create video content of artists recommended by TULU and Savage, which the artists use for their own publicity.

In addition, we host ‘8Track Introduces’ nights at music venues, bars and small festivals where these artists are invited to perform. In 2023 we are planning to support new artists further by collaborating with them to release new material on cassette, CD and maybe vinyl.

LM: Have some of the artists you have worked with made it to the top yet? If so, who are they?
Jeremy: We haven’t found the next Wet Leg or Harry Styles yet, but I think that’s a matter of time.

Jeremy sporting a broad grin, wearing more formal attire

It’s amazing to play a small part in supporting and celebrating so many talented artists in the early stages of their careers.

We appreciate that it takes years for artists to make it to the top, but what we like to do is give them a helping hand by supporting them in any which way we can. Readers can keep an eye on the @8trackrum socials to see what kind of talent is coming through.

LM: Can you tell us about the venues and festivals you work with? How does that work?
Jeremy: We are fortunate to work with several independent music venues and festivals to celebrate and showcase new talent. Many of these are in our South West homeland, including Old Bakery Studios in Truro and Cosmic Kitchen in Plymouth.

In 2022 we also hosted ‘8Track introduces’ nights at venues including The Hawley Arms in Camden and Off the Square in Manchester.

We have big plans for this year, and 2023 is already looking very exciting as we will be bringing our 8Track tour bus. This is an imported US school bus which we converted into a mobile rum bar and DJ booth. We will be taking it to music festivals, including Valley Fest in Bristol, Rock Oyster and Great Estate in Cornwall and Tunes on the Sands in Devon. We will showcase new DJ talent at these events.

Rum being poured from a bottle into a glass

LM: Turning our attention to rum, how and where is the rum produced?
Jeremy: 8Track is a unique blend of Caribbean rums. The base is a two-year-old Guyanese rum distilled on the Demerara River from native sugar cane, which is then blended with an 8-year-old Bajan rum.

We then infuse Seville orange, ginger, vanilla, cinnamon and cloves to create 8Track. Like composing and performing any fine-tuning, we took time and care to choose the best ingredients to perfect the 8Track recipe and recruited a distilling team who are skilled in their art.

LM: We understand 8Track has won some awards. Can you give us more details?
Jeremy: Since our launch in the Summer of 2021, 8Track has already picked up three industry awards, including bronze in the World Rum Awards, silver at the Farm Shop Producer Awards and also gold at the coveted London Spirits Competition 2022.

This has been very exciting for us, and we are so pleased consumers are enjoying our produce.

Two bottles of the spiced rum

LM: What’s next for 8Track, and where does the company see itself in 10 years’ time?
Jeremy: By the end of 2023, we want 8Track to be one of the stars of the UK spirits sector that people seek out for its taste and also for our brand ethos.

We want to stay true to our word and to give back to support up-and-coming musicians as well as do good for people and the planet. There’s something very rewarding about being able to give back to the community.

LM: What is the best way to drink 8Track?
Jeremy: My go-to 8Track serve is a “Night Fever” 8Track over ice with a Mediterranean tonic and a slice of orange. But there are many ways to enjoy the rum. Ultimately it’s down to personal choice. Some people like it neat over ice, while others like to mix it into a cocktail. We have a few cocktail suggestions on our webpage. Do check out for ideas on www.8trackrum.com.

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