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The statistics and data below applies to and it’s social media channels, it does not include data from our licensees in Asia and Africa

Please note that Luxurious Magazine operates within a niche sector and does not try to compete with the mainstream international press for readership numbers. Given this, we are sure that you will find the information on this page highly-impressive for a privately-owned, dedicated luxury lifestyle magazine.

Number of unique visitors to the online magazine

Based on the data supplied to us* is visited by, on average, 300-400,000 unique visitors each calendar month. On a daily basis, we welcome 12,000-15,000 unique visitors. The majority of these visitors come to our online magazine multiple times during the month and in our opinion, it is unique visitors which is the key number.

How is our Social Media Audience of around 500,000 made up? (Feb 2018)

Luxurious Magazine prides itself on being as honest as possible in everything we do. Given all the global press about brands, company’s and individuals purchasing followers or cajoling people into following them to create the false impression of popularity, we can truly say that we have never followed this path. We work on the simple basis that if an individual, brand or company decides to follow us, that’s great. We never follow a brand or individual in the hope that they will follow us back – what is the point?

We believe that it is for the professionals in the marketing, advertising and PR industries to determine who is trustworthy and will no longer fight to prove a point against the media industry which is filled with too many false representations.

The overall number of followers we have on social media is between 450,000 – 500,000 followers. This is made up of Google Plus – 400,000+ followers, Facebook – 31,500 (followers, not likes). Our main account on Twitter has over 6,000 followers and our writers also share the content via their individual accounts. The combined following for Luxurious Magazine on Twitter is in excess or 20,000 followers. We also have approaching 5,000 followers on Linkedin and are active on other networks such as Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.


As many of you are aware, no magazine in existence can truly know who reads their work.

The majority of the statistics you see in media packs are created from a tiny poll of people which will never tell the true story. Fortunately, and it has taken a long time, many professionals within the marketing, advertising and PR industries have realised this.

When people are polled, although they will not outwardly admit it, they tend to exaggerate to ensure they get the best treatment and this is no different when it comes to snapshot polls. If we took a poll of 500 people, would anyone really think that this was a true representation of the nigh on 400,000 unique visitors to our online magazine each month?

When you see magazines stating their audience is in the 100,000s and is made up of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, this is complete nonsense. WealthInsight, based in London, state that the number of High Net Worth Individuals in the whole of the UK is little more than 10,000.

Given the nature of the news we publish, it stands to reason that our audience has an interest in luxury and lifestyle and if you look at the followers we have social media networks such as Twitter, you will see that.

  1. They are all real accounts
  2. The quality is significantly higher than most other profiles.

We do get statistics on platforms such as LinkedIn, and these show that over 70% of our connections have the role of CEO/Managing Director or Business Owner.

We have excellent engagement via our social media channels. For example, we expect a post on Linkedin to be seen, between 2,000-4,000 times and always take the time to reply to comments to build loyalty.

*The data for unique visitors to our online magazine is compiled with data from CloudFlare and our US hosting company InMotion.

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