Abama Golf & Spa Resort Awarded Third Michelin Star

Abama Golf & Spa Resort Awarded Third Michelin Star

The Ritz Carlton’s luxurious Abama Golf & Spa Resort on the island of Tenerife has been honoured with a third Michelin star by the 2014 Michelin Guide for Spain and Portugal.

The star is the second to be bestowed to M.B., the Canary Island outpost of renowned Basque chef Martin Berasategui, adding to the resort’s Michelin stable now comprising two Michelin rated restaurants with a total of three stars. Abama has also retained its star awarded in 2012 for the 2013 guide for its Japanese fusion restaurant, Abama Kabuki. This new accolade further strengthens the property’s reputation for gastronomic excellence, meaning that it is the only resort in the Spain offering a total of three Michelin stars.

Under the direction of Chef Martin Berasategui, and the leadership of Berasategui’s Executive Chef Erlantz Gorostiza, M.B. has been accredited for its excellent cuisine worth the detour. The 32 year old Chef Erlantz Gorostiza’s training included many years with Berasategui at Restaurante Lasarte including a period working at El Celler de Can Roca with Paco Torreblanca, hailed as one of the most innovative pastry chefs in the world. Gorostiza has since continued to develop his own exceptional culinary style and standards adding his own innovative twists to the menu at M.B. The Basque chef has worked as the Culinary Chef and Gastronomy Director since 2010.

Abama Golf & Spa Resort Awarded Third Michelin Star

Berasategui’s signature restaurant offers a menu characterised by the chef’s trademark stamps of creativity, invention, profound understanding of flavour and deep respect for ingredients.

Diners can expect to enjoy the following dishes from Berasategui’s recently-launched winter menu:

• Red prawn carpaccio seasoned with espelette pepper on a raifort tofu and a biscuit

• Truffle gelatin on a bed of smooth foie-gras cream with sweet and salty touch

• Emulsified raw fennel pearls in risotto • Line-caught hake, served vichyssoise, truffle pearls and tomato fog

• Wild rabbit à la royale, on a bed of green cabbage, apple cores and perifollo root

• Wagyu loin tataki marinated in thyme and orange, iced powder of foie, served with silver skin onions and citric teriyaki sauce

• Barnyard egg yolk with herb carbonara, hints of beet, cheese and truffle

• Cold basil essence with lemon sorbet, frozen juniper and hints of toasted almonds

• Iced chocolate sponge hazelnut cake, coffee ice cream and frozen whisky

To make a booking at the Abama Golf & Spa Resort in Tenerife, visit www.abamahotelresort.com

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