The New Abraham & Rol AR70 & AR71 Lamps are a Classic Design Reborn

Abraham & Rol's New AR70 & AR71 Lamps are a Classic Design Reborn

We take a closer look at the new updated versions of the Abraham & Rol AR70 & AR71 Lamps. These beautiful and iconic lamps are only here today thanks to the rediscovery of the original designs, which had laid hidden away in the company archives.

Furniture and decorative items from past times are being snapped up, right, left, and centre. Consumers are flocking towards products, brands, and designs that take them back to happier, more carefree times through their visual styling.

Many manufacturers are now embracing the appetite for nostalgia by adopting design clues from days gone by. In doing so, they have brought modern-day versions of classic designs back to life. One of these is Disderot with the Abraham & Rol AR70 and AR71 lamps.

The first versions of the AR70 & AR71 Poser Lamps were born back in 1964. They were the brainchild of Janine Abraham, lauded as one of France’s most innovative female designers and her husband, the Dutch-born designer Dirk Jan Rol; sadly Janine no longer with us.

Together, they were an extraordinary combination that produced the brand name Abraham & Rol, which has left behind an incredible legacy that is still evident in much of today’s furniture designs.

What set Janine and Dirk apart from many other designers of their era was their willingness to embrace and combine a wide variety of materials within their designs.

Their liberal use of materials such as aluminium, tempered glass, rattan, metal and even plywood were integral in enabling them to create some of the 20th-century’s most iconic pieces of furniture.

Image showing the two lamp sizes and how they can be extended making them taller

About the new AR70 and AR71 lamps
As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the new AR70 and AR71 lamps are only here today, thanks to a massive slice of luck. While trawling through the company archives, the original designs were rediscovered, allowing them to see the light of day once more.

The lamps contain a combination of brushed stainless steel, walnut wood and plexiglass. What makes them beautiful is their modern square elegance, a timeless design and a liberal dose of nostalgia. Their size differentiates the two models, and both are ideal for use in the living room as mood lights or as desk or bedside lamps.

Unlike their original incarnations and for obvious reasons, the modern-day versions of the lamps come equipped with the latest LED technology that uniformly distributes light.

The use of diffusers creates perfectly balanced downward and upwards lighting making them more than suitable for various rooms around the home. The lamps also offer variable mood lighting that is operated via a dimmer that regulates the intensity.

How to buy the AR70 and AR71 Lamps

The AR70 and AR71 Lamps are available to order from the Disderot website at

The 2021 version of the AR70 lamp costs €3032.00, and the AR71 lamp carries a price tag of €2790.00. Both models are hand made in France, are signed and come supplied with a certificate of authenticity.

About Disderot
The Disderot catalogue brings together more than thirty lights from the big names in French design, such as Abraham& Rol, René-Jean Caillette, Roger Fatus, Etienne Fermigier, Michel Mortier, Joseph-André Motte, Olivier Mourgue, Alain Richard, Pierre Paulin or Sylvain Dubuisson and shows examples of new models within the range of Disderot lights.

The New Abraham & Rol AR70 & AR71 Lamps are a Classic Design Reborn 2


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