Ace Electric Motorbikes with the added bonus of Americana retro styling

Ace Electric Motorbikes with the added bonus of Americana retro styling

Electric Motorbikes, Cars and Bicycles, we just can’t get enough of them and we get very excited when we see nice looking examples such as the Ace Electric Motor Bike.

The latest electric vehicle that has caught our attention comes courtesy of native New Yorker, Peter Gimaldi. Peter, dreamed of producing a line of motor bikes inspired by American Machinary. The more he explored the market, the more he realised that the only way he would see something that would match the vision he had in mind was to create his own company and this is exactly what he did in 2011. Ace Electric Motor Bikes was born out of Peter’s own garage and his vision of Made in America became a reality. Today, Peter isn’t creating just bikes, he wants to create art on two wheels. When you see one of Peter’s creations it will turn heads with its bright custom colored styling. Each individually hand-crafted Ace bike is a tribute to the classic era of American machinery. Inspired by a time when industrial products were built to last, Grimaldi took inspiration from the early 1900’s trend of board track racing.

Today, the demand for alternative energies and sustainable transportation options are rapidly growing. Grimaldi believes this is the future of America. Each Ace bike is crafted with the newest technologies in electric bicycle motors. The combination of retro and modern, creates a product that demands attention – all without plastics, gas or pollution.

Easily compared to the countless motor cycles and scooters seen on the road, these bikes offer something different. They are cleaner and lighter, offering a gas-free alternative and at a fraction of the cost. For these reasons, The Ace bikes are starting to gain traction amongst big city commuters. Fans of the bikes claim it makes life in the city more pleasant. With average speeds of 30mph, weaving through rush hour traffic, an Ace bike can make commuting almost enjoyable.

The company constantly keeps up with the fast pace of technological advancements in electronics and motor design and currently feels that Crystalyte is by far the most powerful and reliable direct drive motor on the market. According to Ace, some customers have exceeded 40,000 miles! Crystalyte high performance motors have an unmatched reputation for reliability. This sturdy motor is capable of higher top speeds than a geared hub motor and takes a lot of power. The latest release, the H40 can sustain up to 3500 Watts continuously.

Ace Electric Motorbikes with the added bonus of Americana retro styling

Battery life and power is one of the biggest considerations when buying a sustainable electric vehicle. The Ace 48V 15AH Lithium Manganese (LiM) batteries are designed to be much smaller and lighter weight than Lithium Iron Phospate (LiFePO4) packs, while providing an equal amount of current. The size and weight of these batteries makes them ideal for powering electric bikes. Each of their LiM battery packs are welded and assembled in the USA and are rated at 800 to 1000 recharge cycles by the cell manufacturer. All ACE battery packs come with a Smart high current battery management system (BMS) installed to ensure that your battery remains within manufacturer limits for maximum recharge cycle life, and protects the battery from overcharge and over-discharge. The BMS is also responsible for balancing each row of cells during the charge cycle. VeriBest Lithium Battery Fully charged voltage is 53.4V.

As each country has it’s own requirements and regulations for what electric powered vehicles are legal, we would suggest that you read up on your own country’s requirements before purchasing an electric vehicle from another country no matter how fast it goes and how great it looks.

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