Warninks Iconic Snowball Cocktail is Being Revised for Christmas 2019

Warninks Iconic Snowball Cocktail is Being Revised for Christmas 2019
For many people, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a Warninks Snowball Cocktail.

Warninks – the UK’s number one Advocaat, renowned for its custard-yellow hue and velvety texture – is bringing back a taste of nostalgia this Christmas with innovative new serving suggestions for its iconic Snowball cocktail.

For Brits across the country, Warninks is as integral to Christmas as roast turkey and Brussels sprouts. The legendary Snowball cocktail has remained a firm favourite, prompting fond memories of festive family rituals.

Warninks Special Snowball Cocktail
For Brits across the country, Warninks is as integral to Christmas as roast turkey and Brussels sprouts.

The snowball cocktail was the very-first alcoholic drink to pass the lips of this writer. Way back in the late 1970s, I was enjoying Christmas dinner inside my Uncle Brian’s rather posh house in Surrey and he saw me watching him sipping away on a yellow coloured drink.

He smiled and gave me a small sip which I adored and without fail, every time I taste a Warninks Snowball cocktail, it instantly transports me back that time.

That’s what makes Warninks Adcocaat so special, it’s inextricably linked to one of the greatest family celebrations of the year. For millions of people of my generation, up and down the UK, it is a key to opening long lost happy memories.

The iconic cocktail is traditionally made with Warninks, fizzy lemonade and a squeeze of fresh lime. It is enjoying a well-deserved renaissance, with everyone from celebrity chefs to influential bartenders singing its praises. As a result, this winter the Snowball is set for even more of a comeback, with a selection of exciting new makeovers. Taking the cocktail’s core elements: Warninks Advocaat, a fizzy mixer and a flavour enhancer; the brand-new Snowball recipes all use this winning formula.

Warninks Advocaat Posh Snowball Cocktail
Warninks Posh Snowball Cocktail.

Elevate a Snowball to a Posh Snowball by adding cloudy lemonade, then up the wow-factor by topping with a rolled scoop of vanilla ice cream to create a real ‘snowball’ effect. Finish with a simple sprig of holly for a new Christmas-time classic.

Warninks Snowball Fizz Cocktail
Warninks Snowball Fizz Cocktail.

The Snowball Fizz is pure Christmas in a glass. Featuring another festive staple, Prosecco, plus a dash of vanilla syrup, this delicious drink is finished off with a stylish garnish of lemon rind and an icing powder rim, for a beautiful snowy touch.

Warninks Italian Snowball Cocktail
Warninks Italian Snowball Cocktail.

Coffee is the ingredient on everyone’s lips right now, and a match made in heaven with the rich custardy flavour of Warninks. Serve friends and family an affogato-inspired Italian Snowball, using fizzy cream soda and freshly brewed coffee. Half cocktail-with-a-kick, half boozy-pudding, this indulgent treat is ideal for festive parties and cosy winter nights.

Warninks Custard Dream Snowball Cocktail
Warninks Custard Dream Snowball Cocktail.

On-trend finishing touches will take the classic Snowball cocktail recipe to new levels. For a playful twist, raid the cupboards and create a Custard Dream Snowball by adding cream sherry and garnishing with a custard cream biscuit for a delightful touch of whimsy.

Other show-stoppers can be easily created at home using garnishes such as mini meringues, or Christmas foliage including pine branches, holly and redcurrants dusted with icing sugar. Full recipes and serving suggestions below.

Warninks Original Snowball Cocktail in a can
Warninks Original Snowball Cocktail in a can.

This Christmas, Warninks is also launching the Snowball cocktail in a convenient, ready-to-drink can. Combining the perfect balance of ingredients, the new format makes it even easier to serve the ultimate Snowball every time. Great for adult stocking fillers, or to take to festive parties and events.

Warninks Global Ambassador says: “Warninks and Snowballs have been an essential part of the festive season for years, and we think our pimped-up serving suggestions will create new Christmas traditions across the UK. Without Warninks, it wouldn’t be Christmas!”

Snowball recipes for Christmas:

The Posh Snowball

  • 50ml Warninks Advocaat
  • 10ml Fresh Lemon
  • 75ml Cloudy Lemonade
  • A scoop of vanilla ice cream

Pour Warninks into a large coupe glass and top up with cloudy lemonade and fresh lemon. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, so it floats on the cocktail, serve with a small spoon and if you like, garnish with a sprig of holly.

The Snowball Fizz

  • 50ml Warninks Advocaat
  • 20ml Vanilla Syrup
  • 80ml Prosecco

Run a fresh lemon wedge around the side of a large cut coupe and dip the glass in a plate of icing sugar to create a dusted, snowy effect. Pour Warninks into the glass and top with vanilla syrup and prosecco. Slice a piece of lemon rind, trim with scissors, twist and garnish.

The Italian Snowball

  • 50ml Warninks Advocaat
  • 30ml Hot Coffee
  • 100ml Cream Soda
  • A scoop of Vanilla ice cream

Pour Warninks into a large coupe glass, top with cream soda and scoop of vanilla ice cream. Pour coffee over the ice cream as you serve for that wow-factor! Finish with freshly grated nutmeg and/or coffee beans, and serve with a small spoon.

The Custard Dream Snowball

  • 50ml Warninks Advocaat
  • 15ml Cream sherry
  • 80ml lemonade

Add lots of ice to a highball glass the top with Warninks, cream sherry and lemonade. Finish by balancing a custard cream biscuit on the rim – take a bite out for added fun!

Classic Warninks Snowball

  • 50ml Warninks Advocaat
  • 25ml Lime cordial or fresh lime juice
  • 150ml lemonade

Shake Warninks and freshly squeezed lime juice or cordial together with ice. Strain into a coupe or martini glass and top up with lemonade or soda. Garnish with Christmas foliage or mini meringues for a touch of class!

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