AIRE Ancient Baths London Wellness Experience Opens in Covent Garden

AIRE Ancient Baths Luxury Wellness Experience in London's Covent Garden

Londoner’s have an extraordinary new luxury wellness experience on their doorsteps inspired by Ancient Greek, Roman and Ottoman civilisations. It’s called AIRE Ancient Baths London and offers guests the opportunity to unwind in thermal baths with varying temperatures, as well as relaxing massages and signature wellness experiences.

There’s a well-known saying, ‘When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do’, and this is based upon the basic premise that those ‘Romans’ were ahead of their time and in addition to this the Romans were pretty much experts when it comes to relaxation, fun and pampering.

Although we’re not in Rome, this won’t prevent Brit’s from experiencing pampering and relation the way the Romans and other civilisations did. In what will come as excellent news for people in London and further afield, AIRE Ancient Baths London has officially opened and in this article, we’re taking a look at what they have to offer.

When we hear of businesses from the hospitality sector opening up in current times, the news is often met with um’s and err’s in our editorial team. However, the timing for the opening of AIRE Ancient Baths London is a stroke of genius. Given recent events, Londoner’s are chomping at the bit for somewhere new to relax and be pampered and by the sounds of it, AIRE Ancient Baths London looks like the perfect place.

Where is it located?
AIRE Ancient Baths London is situated between the Strand and the Embankment Garden, in the Adelphi area known for its exquisite neoclassical architecture. The 18th-century building is 2-3 Robert Street and was once the home of Scottish novelist and playwright J.M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan.

By working with the original architecture, AIRE has created a haven of 1,300 m2 that simultaneously celebrates the legacy of the building whilst transforming this already iconic space into an innovative environment for the contemporary age.

One of the historic inspired baths

Amadeo Serra, CEO of AIRE Ancient Baths said, “We are delighted to welcome our first guests in AIRE London, located in a historic building in Covent Garden, just steps away from the Thames. The blend of art, history and the connection to author J.M. Barrie symbolises AIRE’s philosophy when selecting buildings. We are proud to open in a building with a unique heritage. We hope that AIRE will become an oasis in the heart of London, providing a centre of wellness and relaxation for both locals and travellers to enjoy.

It is a pleasure to bring our signature brand of luxury indulgence to such a historic location. Since we opened our first location in Seville almost twenty years ago, AIRE’s objective has been to create contemporary wellbeing experiences that draw inspiration from ancient bathing rituals, creating unique treatments for our guests. We chose to expand into London as it is one of the most vibrant cosmopolitan cities in the world. AIRE provides the perfect place for Londoners to pamper themselves away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.”

AIRE Ancient Baths effortlessly modernise the classic bathing ritual, reimaging the experience for the contemporary audience. Water is the focal element, and it is used to create an atmosphere of tranquillity and sophistication for guests.

One of the baths lit by candles

About the London AIRE Ancient Baths Experience
The London AIRE Ancient Bath Experience is an indulgent journey through the thermal baths. Centred on the element of water, guests are guided through seven thermal baths at their own pace, all with different but specially optimised temperatures, to create the ultimate relaxation experience.

Guests can enjoy the sensations created between temperatures as they move between the Tepidarium (36º), the hot water bath of the Caldarium (40º) and the cool water baths, Frigidarium (14º and 10º). The Vaporium (Steam Bath) and Balneum (Bath of a Thousand Jets) are designed to soothe the mind whilst the varying water pressure provides an indulgent experience for the body.

For the ultimate oasis of relaxation, guests are invited to unwind in the Flotarium; the warm salt bath has been specially designed to replicate the density of the Dead Sea and provides a place to float and let go.

In its quest to create an urban sanctuary, AIRE Ancient Bath works with the senses to immerse its guests in its wellness concept. The space is illuminated by candlelight, highlighting the brickwork of the walls and the vibrant blue of the thermal pools. With each bath oscillating between pure silence, and soothing music that can be heard underneath the water, AIRE cleverly creates a sensory journey to guide guests away from all distractions.

The AIRE Ancient Baths offering also features relaxing massages from 30 to 75 minutes in length, signature experiences, and couples’ experiences which all include an element of massage and are inspired by ancient practises and holistic rituals designed to promote wellbeing and true relaxation.

AIRE Ancient Baths London starts from £150 for single guests and £320 for couples. The experience includes a two-hour journey to the thermal baths with a 30-minute relaxing massage.

Another view of one of the baths

Some of the signature treatments include:

The Wine Ritual
Designed as an exclusive treatment for AIRE Ancient Baths, The Wine Ritual is an unforgettable experience where guests are submerged in an antioxidant-rich formulation made of tempranillo grapes from the Ribera del Duero region, exclusively for AIRE. The three-hour experience includes the private 30-minute immersion into red wine in a 17th Century Venetian Well bath, as well as a 15-minute cranial massage. After being submerged in the wine bath, guests can soothe their body in a 60-minute full-body massage with grape seed oil, transporting the mind to a deep state of relaxation.

Prices start from £450 pp and include a tour of the baths.

The Holistic Ritual
Guests can relax into a state of inner peace with AIRE Ancient Bath’s Holistic Ritual. This tranquil experience has been created to calm the mind whilst holistically pampering the body and hydrating the skin. Guests will feel their energy renew as they experience a full-body exfoliation and delicate massage using a green tea and lime scrub whilst a hydrating honey mask nourishes their hair. After the exfoliation, guests will receive a green tea full-body massage of medium intensity, designed to be complemented by the subtle aroma of exquisite tea.

Prices start from £180pp and include a tour of the baths.

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