Alexander Clementine is Taking Seaweed in Fashion to a Whole New Level

Alexander Clementine is Taking Seawood in Fashion to a Whole New Level

Seaweed is an environmentally-friendly, natural, product with a multitude of uses. When you think of the things it can be used for, clothing probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. Alexander Clementine has taken this extraordinary natural product to a whole new level by incorporating it into their brand new innovative collection of underwear.

Over the years, we’ve featured many products with seaweed as a key component. In the main, these have been products relating to beauty, food and wellness. But, this amazing natural product is capable of much more.

Seaweed has been in the crosshairs of the fashion industry for a few years now. A quick browse of the internet shows many garments which in some way, shape or form utilise seaweed. Usually, the seaweed is mixed with cellulose to create a yarn which can be fashioned into a range of garments. The result is products that are soft, supple, breathable and importantly environmentally- friendly.

Incorporating seaweed into garments such as t-shirts and dresses etc. doesn’t surprise us, but using it to produce limited-edition, fashionable underwear definitely piqued our interest.

Alexander Clementine are taking underwear to a new level

Who is Alexander Clementine?
The brand was founded in 2019 by couple Alexander Perry and Freya Clementine Rosedale. The two co-founders are on a mission to shake up the fashion industry by introducing their eco-friendly, style-driven underwear to the mainstream market.

Rather than adopting the typical use of seaweed in garments, the designers have created their own unique silk-like blend of seaweed and Tencel (wood pulp) that uses up to 97% less water to create than cotton and is TEN TIMES as soft.

One of the main differences between the use of a seaweed-based product over cotton is the amount of water used. The brand tells us that creating cotton uses an enormous amount of water – 3,900 litres of water to produce the average t-shirt to be precise.

Alexander Clementine has a different view on the future of fashion. They’ve made it their mission to create incredible style-driven cotton alternatives that will be far more beneficial to the planet.

Each of the Alexander Clementine collections will be limited in number resulting in minimal waste and exclusive styles and colours each time.

Alexander and Freya said of the launch: “We wanted to build a sustainable underwear brand that rivals it’s fast fashion counterparts – where the style and design are as good as our ethical and eco-credentials. There is definitely a gap in the market for style first sustainable Underwear. You can’t buy secondhand Underwear, can you?!”

“Underwear is the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at night, so in making our first collection the style and fit were as important as the comfort. We want our customers to feel their best from the start to the end of their day”.

Alexander Clementine seaweed underwear

The First Alexander Clementine Collection
Alexander Clementine’s first collection dropped earlier this month (May) and was limited to 300 sets. A seaweed green set, boasts a unique silk-like blend (using sustainably sourced Tencel™ & Seacell™), is twice as soft as cotton and uses up to 97% less water consumption to create.

The fabric used boasts some quite extraordinary properties. It’s breathable, naturally antibacterial, anti-odour and wicks moisture away from the body, making it an ideal fabric for Underwear.

The seaweed element of the fabric comes into play providing quasi-medicinal properties. Seaweed contains naturally occurring vitamins A, C, E & B12 as well as iron and iodine (vital to thyroid function) that are absorbed through the skin!

Not only does the fabric feel good and look good, but Alexander Clementine is committed to doing good. 98% of all waste generated in producing the fabric is reused and recycled at their factory, and no sweatshops or unfair practices are used anywhere along their supply chain.

The first drop is limited to 300 sets, and all will be sold exclusively through the website:

Pricing: Triangle Bra: £35. Bottoms: £35. Free delivery when purchased together.

Alexander Clementine is Taking Seaweed in Fashion to a Whole New Level 2


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