We Experience the Amandari in Bali – Home of the Angels

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Bespoke and specially tailored for individual guests, the beauty of staying at the Amandari is that activities are customised according to guests’ preference and lifestyle. For the first morning, I embarked on a Reflective Morning with Amandari, a Balinese Spiritual Journey which took me to the Kintamani region.

Located near Mount Batur, the 45-minute car ride took me to the Mengening Water Temple, an area of intense spirituality and healing. Beginning with offerings to the Divinities, my guides Putu and Ketut of Pranasanti.com led me through a Balinese water purification ceremony in a natural spring and under a waterfall followed by a meditation session.

After breakfast, we visited a local shaman who used numerology to tell my fortune and answer any questions I had about the future. A Balinese offering-making workshop, where I learnt the meaning of the different types of flowers used to make a daily offering or Canang Sari, as well as decorations for Balinese ceremonies, made this day a very meaningful and special one.

We Experience the Amandari in Bali – Home of the Angels 4

On my last day, a session was booked for me at the spa. Infusing traditional and time-honoured practices with modern procedures, the Aman Spa has created a new vernacular for spa treatments and set a high standard in the wellness industry. Alexander Ivanov, the Regional Spa Manager for Aman Indonesia, tells me that the Aman Spa at the Amandari is one of the very first resort spas in Bali.

“The Aman Spa draws inspiration from local healing techniques,” he says. “With Ubud being the cultural and spiritual heart of Bali, the Spa is perfectly placed for a complete mind, body and soul holistic experience.”

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From traditional Indonesian treatments such as the Mandi Lulur and Mandi Rempah to the recently launched Aman Signature Treatments specially curated to Ground, Purify and Nourish using the finest organic and natural ingredients, each treatment is personalised to the individual for their specific concerns and ailments.

Opting for the Grounding Signature Treatment, I was ushered into a private room surrounded by a lily pond. A smudging ceremony not unlike those seen in ancient Native American rituals started off my treatment. With the scent of black amber permeating the air and wafting around me, I felt calm and centred, ready to take on any challenges thrown my way.

We Experience the Amandari in Bali – Home of the Angels 6But what followed wasn’t challenging at all, but a relaxing foot soak with fragrant rose petals. This treatment employs the use of Tibetan Ku Nye massage techniques as well as cupping along my meridian lines to stretch my tissues and reduce muscular tension. This blissful grounding treatment also utilises warmed quartz crystals and hot Himalayan salt poultices and incorporated kneading, acupressure and deep-tissue massage.

With the spiritual energy of peace underlying this entire Grounding Treatment, the amber oil, sandalwood, rare black Peruvian mud and argan stem cells used made me feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

A nice touch signalling the end of my treatment was when my therapist tied a Tridatu yarn bracelet on my right wrist while chanting a prayer for my protection and blessings. Consisting of three intertwined red, black and white strings representing Lord Brahma (the Creator), Lord Vishnu (the Preserver) and Lord Shiva (the Destroyer) respectively in Balinese Hindu mythology, it suddenly occurred to me that it symbolised the cycle of life, making me realise how ephemeral our lives are. Still encircling my wrist, it is a constant reminder of my contemplative and revelatory yet glorious stay at the Amandari.

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For further information on Amandari and The Spa, please visit www.aman.com.

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