The House of Angostura Unveils Limited Edition Zenith Rum

The House of Angostura Unveils Limited Edition Zenith Rum

Simon Wittenberg takes a look at the latest addition to The House of Angostura®’s renowned Private Cask Collection.

The House of Angostura, based in Trinidad and Tobago, and one of the Caribbean’s leading rum producers, has added Angostura Zenith, a rare, ultra-premium rum, to its esteemed Private Cask Collection.

The Private Cask Collection consists of a range of limited edition mature rums originating from specially selected casks. It is inspired by the ageing process of Angostura’s highly-acclaimed rums, whilst bringing the journey from cane field to the shelf, to the fore.

The limited edition rum in its wooden case

Boasting a rich golden hue, only 195 luxurious decanters of Angostura Zenith are available worldwide to purchase at a cost of £2,500 each, with the treasured and crystal-clear liquid emanating from two of Trinidad and Tobago’s most iconic distilleries, which go by the name of Caroni 1975 Limited and Angostura Limited.

Established in 1923 on the site of the old Caroni sugar factory, the now lost Caroni Distillery made highly sought-after rums, which had a distinctive rich, earthy and smoky profile. Angostura Zenith has been produced with the last of Caroni’s prized molasses.

Delivering a unique character thanks to this spectacular blend of Angostura and Caroni aged rums ranging from 20 to 23 years old, those who try Angostura Zenith will enjoy an aroma of exotic tropical mango and pineapple with lime zest notes, which give way to opulent, maturation-forward hints of vanilla, dark-brown sugar, browned butter and nutmeg.

The rum poured into two glasses

On the palate, there’s a tropical fruit flourish followed by a taste of caramelised sugars, with notes of indulgent butterscotch and decadent banoffee pie perfectly offset by allspice, fresh ginger and lime zest. Those who savour Angostura Zenith will be treated to a finish that’s long, well-rounded and complex, with hints of pepper and wooded oak.

Chairman of Angostura Holdings Limited, Mr. Terrence Bharath, said that, following a development period of three years, the launch of Angostura Zenith makes the Angostura rum portfolio one of the most unique in today’s market, and illustrates the brand’s continued commitment to producing world-class rums.

Angostura Zenith – Where and How?

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The House of Angostura Unveils Limited Edition Zenith Rum 2

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