Guide to the Best Family Fun and Skiing in the Aosta Valley in 2021/2022

Where to Find Fun and Great Skiing in the Aosta Valley in 2021/2022

Although the Aosta Valley might be considered relatively small in size, it’s somewhere that punches well above its weight. It’s home to some fantastic gastronomy, incredible natural landscapes, great hospitality and of course, it is one of the best places to go skiing.

As many of our regular readers will know, we’re fans of the Aosta Valley in Italy. Although it is Italy’s smallest region, it offers pretty much everything you’d want. We’ve mentioned a few of its fantastic features above, but in addition to this, it is jam-packed with a history that stretches back to Roman times. As travel restrictions are starting to ease in many countries worldwide, we’d thought we’d whet your appetites for the forthcoming ski season.

When it comes to skiing in Italy, few places can match the Aosta Valley. Visitors frequently remark at just how beautiful a place it is to ski. However, it’s not just an excellent place for the skilled to head to; it’s also a brilliant place for families who want a memorable ski holiday.

Some of the beautiful and historic buildings in the villages at night

The Aosta Valley is home to many charming traditional villages and extensive ski areas with spacious runs and good, gentle slopes. Below, we’re looking at some of its ski resorts, all of which are ideal bases for a great family holiday.

Cogne: At the foot of the Gran Paradiso, the Cogne ski resort sits atop the list for families because it offers slopes suitable for skiers of all levels. It has seven downhill slopes (two blue, four red, one black) and 80 km of cross-country skiing; it is also adored by those who prefer to take long walks on horse-drawn sleighs or those who want to gaze at the extraordinary waterfalls of ice that characterize some corners of the Valle d’Aosta landscape.

Beginners have access to a fun baby slope served by a treadmill where they can learn to ski with joy, and for children, fun is guaranteed in the fully equipped baby snow park with inflatables, trampolines and a bobsleigh and tubbing trails. The opening period would usually run from late December up to the end of March.

A family of three taking a trip on a ski lift

Crévacol: Snow and sun lovers shouldn’t miss the chance to discover the Crévacol ski resort, with its 22 kilometres of slopes (three blue, eight red, one black). It is the sunniest resort in the entire region and extends along the Gran San Bernardo valley. For cross-country skiing enthusiasts, it has an 18 km long cross-country trail that starts from Etroubles and goes up the valley, passing through Saint-Oyen, where, in Flassin, there is a well-equipped foyer de fond, up to Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses.

The Crévacol resort is great for the little ones who can have fun with sledges, bobs and bicycles in the Flassin playground. Things not to miss here include the ski mountaineering trails, snowshoe trails, and snowboarding areas.

A family enjoying a walk in the snow in Chamois

Chamois: The only Italian municipality without a car and a place where the time slows down, and the air is incredibly pure. Chamois, the highest municipality in Valle d’Aosta (1,800 m), is reachable only by cableway from Buisson (Antey-Saint-André). It is an enchanting place, known for the ancient architecture of its houses, typical of the Valle d’Aosta. The Pearl of the Alps is part of a series of beautiful places along the Alpine arc, all of which are joined by the common desire to promote the protection of the territory and getting around without the constraint of cars.

It is a superb place for long walks on snowshoes or for those who want to try skis for the first time. Guests will enjoy 17 km of slopes (two blue and eight red), the now rare silence and the enchanting sunsets behind the Grandes Murailles.

Childen having fun on a slide in the snow parkTorgnon: This is also known as the land of children and toys. It is a petite but charming ski resort that truly stands out. Sheltered from the cold winds, Torgnon has for years been a favourite destination for families with children who want to give the little ones a holiday tailored to their needs.

Torgnon boasts a series of slopes of varying difficulty (two blue, fourteen red, four black); it is known for its cross-country ski trails and for the famous Winter Park, one of the largest and best-equipped playgrounds in the entire Valle d’Aosta.

It boasts huge slides and a wide variety of attractions, meaning children can have fun all day long. For snowboarders, there is also an excellent area with jumps, rails along with a dedicated area for beginners.

Champorcher: With an ideal location, Champorcher is the closest ski resort in Valle d’Aosta for those coming from Piedmont and Lombardy and, thanks to its 12 km of slopes (two blue – thirteen red – three black) always perfectly covered with snow, it is suitable for all types of skiers.

There are two school fields for those who want to practice, while the Bosco slope is the place where national teams also train. Cross-country skiers can take advantage of a ring track that extends to 5 km. It’s not just traditional skiing available here; if you feel inclined, there are also acrobatic jumps in the snow park at an altitude of 2,000m, ski mountaineering for nature lovers and lots of fun for the little ones in the Laris Baby Park.

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Children practicing their skiing skills on the gentle slopes

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