Italian Coachbuilder ARES Design Gears up for a Busy Year Ahead

Italian Coachbuilder ARES Design Gears up for a Busy Year Ahead

After an eleven-week closure, ARES Design, the luxury Italian coachbuilder has returned to work and is readying itself for a busy year ahead. Their plans include an expansion of the Modena HQ and a recruitment drive to bring the workforce up to 250.

Eleven-weeks is a long time to be closed, but this hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm at Modena-based ARES Design. Italy was struck hard by the coronavirus outbreak, so it’s positive news that ARES Design, along with some of the country’s other premier businesses, is returning to some semblance of normality.

For the company to return to working conditions, several measures were needed to be implemented. These included a temperature check upon arrival, the wearing of gloves and masks, restriction on the number of people in communal areas and extensive sanitation of workspaces.

Workers in the ARES Design factory in Modena

Danny Bahar, a co-founder of ARES Design, was particularly pleased with the reopening of the business and explained that they currently have 70% of the workforce back on site, expecting the full roster of staff to be back to work in a matter of weeks.

The company also welcomed the news that it is about to secure its final round of funding; taking the luxury coachbuilder to a total 60million Euros investment since its inception five years ago. ARES Design now plans to further invest in its facilities and hiring over the coming months.

ARES Design Landrover Defender UltraV8

Bahar also explained how the company would be focusing on growing markets and the increasing demand for uniqueness and individuality. He explained that the company would be more visible this year, and its products will be key to achieving this. He also said that the company plans to look at expansion into new markets, in particular America and China.

ARES Design Landrover Defender UltraV8

The next twelve months for the coachbuilder promises to be very interesting, particularly with an expansion of their limited edition and coach-built vehicles.

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