KitchenAid’s Artisan 6.9L Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer Gets Some Bold New Colours

KitchenAid's Artisan 6.9L Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer Gets Some Bold New Colours

As we move through 2021, it seems that home cooking is still all the rage. The joy many cooks have experienced by pushing their baking skills to the limit has helped take minds off the world woes. One brand helping countless home cooks achieve their goals is KitchenAid, and they’ve just unveiled the 2021 version of their Artisan 6.9L Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer, which makes even the most demanding baking tasks a lot simpler.

For well over half a century, colour has been one of the staple ingredients in the KitchenAid success story. They’ve become so well known for their colours that other manufacturers (which we’ll not name here) frequently try to copy them, and in doing so, find themselves falling well short of the mark.

Over the decades, KitchenAid has created some excellent machines, and one of their standouts is the Artisan 6.9L Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer. The mixer (in a slightly less-powerful form) was already available in four colours, including their classic Candy Apple colour, and for 2021 KitchenAid has added two more dramatic colours: Cast Iron Black and dusky Dried Rose.

Aside from being a rather attractive machine in the kitchen, two of the biggest selling points with the Artisan 6.9L Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer is its power and large capacity. It is the type of mixer for makers and bakers wanting each one of their kitchen experiences to be extraordinary.

A young woman using the pizza dough she's just made with the mixerIt is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment and can turn its hand (or attachments) to classic food favourites such as multiple loads of creamy mashed potato, biscuits, loaves of bread and pizza bases, and this is all through one machine and in double-quick time.

The Artisan 6.9L has masses of power thanks to its ten speeds that can gently knead, thoroughly mix and briskly whip ingredients for a wide variety of recipes. It is also, somewhat surprisingly, completely dishwasher safe.

The mixer comes with a decent range of standard stainless steel accessories, including a Flat Beater, Dough Hook, 11-Wire Whip, Pouring Shield and, of course, a highly polished 6.9L bowl with its ergonomic handle.

Sometimes, even with a machine as all-singing and dancing as the KitchenAid Artisan 6.9L Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer, even more, flexibility is sometimes required. This is an area where KitchenAid has put a great deal of extra thought.

Their Stand Mixer can take a wide range of optional extras, all of which are centred around the brand’s attachment-ready Culinary Hub. These extra attachments introduce the ability to slice, grate, mince, chop, peel, juice, and you’re so inclined you can even do some spiralling to make fresh pasta. Oh, and before we forget, there’s also the splendid Sifter & Scale to throw into the mix.

The KitchenAid Artisan 6.9L Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer has an awful lot going for it. It obviously has all the power you’ll need, and it is extremely durable, being dishwasher safe, and on top of this, it’s also quiet. When you put these attributes together, and you’re looking at the very best machine in its class.

KitchenAid is a brand known for its incredible design and engineering. It’s also focused on making its products as durable as possible, which makes it the ultimate culinary companion for people who want to go BIG.

The Artisan 6.9L Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer in New Cast Iron Black and New Dried Rose are available from with an RRP of £699.00.

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KitchenAid's Artisan 6.9L Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer Gets Some Bold New Colours 2


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