Ascott Redesigns Lodgings To Meet Guests Future Needs & Expectations

Ascott Redesigns Lodgings Ensuring They Meet Guests Future Needs & Expectations

Major hospitality brands around the world are preparing for the ‘new norm’. The latest to announce their plans is The Ascott Limited. They are redesigning their lodgings and services and adding a commitment to cleanliness to ensure they meet their guests’ future expectations.

Even when we’ve reached some semblance of normality, there will still be significant hurdles for the hospitality industry to overcome.

Doing the best you can is all anyone can expect, but as I’ve mentioned in previous articles, restoring confidence in guests is the single most crucial factor to ensure success as the industry moves forward.

The latest hospitality giants seeking to do this are The Ascott Limited (Ascott). The company is planning to capitalise on its existing strengths and in particular their renowned serviced residences.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting one of Ascott’s properties, you’ll know they are already well-suited for guests who prefer to stay indoors for an extended amount of time.

Inside an Ascott serviced apartment

Ascott’s apartments are spacious and come with separate living, working, and dining areas. They are specifically designed as a place to unwind, exercise, work or just somewhere to have a meal. They also benefit from a fully equipped kitchen with a refrigerator which enables guests to prepare their own meals and let’s not forget the always-essential hi-speed wi-fi.

Kitchen area in an Ascott serviced apartment

Ascott understands that in the current climate, their apartments will, for many people, double-up as a remote office. They are currently looking at ways to upgrade the rooms seeking to create an environment which will retain comfort levels while allowing more productivity.

Some of the ideas currently being mulled-over are better lighting, wall features which will make videoconferencing and webcasting simpler and a detailed look at the best use of the rooms space.

Implementing the latest technology will be critical. Aside from upping the in-room facilities and layouts, Ascott is also looking into smarter room energy and water management, thermal scanning and tracking footfall/crowds to ensure better safe distancing measures.

Later this year, the company will launch a new mobile app. This app allows a wide range of contactless services such as entry to their apartments, payments, check-in and check-out. It is also said to be able to organise in-room service and perform some smart controls.

Ascott Cares

Finally, to reassure guests and staff, the company has introduced ‘Ascott Cares‘. The pledge consists of nine commitments to hygiene and cleanliness.

  1. Our Staff’s Work Environment
  2. Guest Safety
  3. Physical Distancing
  4. Housekeeping
  5. Apartments & Rooms
  6. Food & Beverage
  7. Shared Facilities
  8. Contactless & Paperless
  9. Our Vendors

The above protocols comply with the WHO’s standards and will be rolled out globally from June 2020. You can read more information on ‘Ascott Cares’, at

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Ascott Redesigns Lodgings To Meet Guests Future Needs & Expectations 2


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