Aureus unveils its new 15 metre Maxi Yacht Compact concept.

Aureus unveils its new 15 metre Maxi Yacht Compact concept.

At the end of August 2012 in La Rochelle, Aureus Yachts, a brand of the AP Yacht Conception company, will put its new Aureus XV yacht out to sea. This yacht for hedonists is designed to offer the excessiveness of the maxi-yachts on a more compact, human scale.

Aureus unveils its new 15 metre Maxi Yacht Compact concept.Measuring 15 metres in length, this high-performance yacht is fully automated and easy for one person to manoeuvre from the cockpit. It also has all the equipment of the large luxury yachts in order to provide the greatest possible comfort on board.

The Aureus brand and Aureus XV were created in response to the unmet demand among customers wishing to enjoy the excitement of the sea without compromising on the comfort, privacy and modern design to which they are accustomed on land. It took the Aureus Yachts teams over two years to develop this radical yacht, designed for a demanding, hedonistic clientele familiar with luxury standards and attracted by a new experience of sea travel.

To maximise performance and control, the Absolute version of the Aureus XV incorporates the most innovative production techniques and materials:

  • Carbon reinforced, vacuum infused hull and deck to guarantee exceptional lightness and rigidity
  • “High module” carbon mast and boom, for improved rigidity and lightness
  • D4 carbon sails, ultra-efficient and hard-wearing for enhanced sensation during ocean sailing
  • Foam core interior woodwork for improved lightness

These techniques improve the boat’s performance, save space and make the boat lighter, which creates room for a more comfortable, contemporary interior layout

Aureus unveils its new 15 metre Maxi Yacht Compact concept.The naval architecture is by Italian architect Emmanuel Rossi. The deck is designed for total freedom of movement. All manoeuvres are made from the helm station and controlled by hydraulic or electrical power, to guarantee maximum control and responsiveness with smaller crews. There are no rope ends to obstruct mobility and the equipment is flush or built-in. These choices make life easier on the outside of the boat and make it safer to move around. They also contribute to the boat’s distinctive aesthetic.

The interior, by Parisian designer Eric Benqué, offers sober luxury combining pure lines and fine, durable materials. To offer optimal functionality and on-board comfort, the Aureus XV Absolute has the following features on board: a generator set, built-in hydro generator and desalinator for independence at sea, quiet air conditioning, generous storage space, a real multimedia area with satellite internet access, a kitchen equipped to meet the modern standards of city living, etc.

The Aureus XVs are entirely made at our extremely modern workshops in Marans, which employ 68 experienced craftspeople and journeymen who are passionate about their work. The site has its own carpentry workshop, a composite part production and finishing workshop, a post cure oven for carbon/epoxy parts, and a leatherwork/case-making/carpeting workshop.

Aurélien Poncin, Director of the Aureus brand, explains: “The decision to make everything in France means Aureus Yachts has access to the highest level of skill, with craftsmen and journeymen who have received the best training, ensuring total quality control. Aureus Yachts relies on these strong skills in its constant drive to innovate, in all the trades involved in the Aureus production process.”

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