Where to Go this Autumn to Enjoy Natures Beauty & Stimulate Your Senses

Where to Head to this Autumn to Enjoy Natures Beauty and Stimulate Your Senses

There’s little to beat getting outdoors and experiencing natures beauty, and science is only now getting to grips with the extraordinary impact it can have. Autumntime can be a feast for the eyes, with shimmering shades of rich colours as far as the eye can see, and for this travel feature, we’re looking at some of the options ToursByLocals is offering during this colourful season.

For some people in the UK, 2021 has been a bit of a washout. In fact, it’s been one of the wettest summers on record. Then again, that’s pretty much par for the course for Britain, and we could probably go back to specific points in every summer going back over the past fifty years and pick something to wind us up. What hasn’t helped matters is the various lockdowns and travel restrictions, which has resulted in many chomping at the bit for the chance to experience the best of what nature has to offer and some culture.

Fortunately, the governments worldwide have decided enough is enough and have started to ease travel restrictions, thus opening the floodgates with a mass of travellers wanting to head to the airports to lap up some warmer weather.

Some of these travellers will be wanting to head off and literally unleash pent-up fun to make up for the lost time. However, others will be hoping for something a little more tranquil and secluded, away from crowds of tourists, and this is where companies such as ToursByLocals come into their own. With ToursByLocals, the clue is in the name. They offer a range of customisable private tours with handpicked tour guides, giving you access to all the hidden gems and inside information.

They have a great range of tours that includes iconic leaf-peeping, delicious harvest surprises and places where you can enjoy the last rays of summer. Below are a few of their Autumn tours that you can book right now.

Stimulate your senses in the Romanian forest
The forests in Iasi, RomaniaThis Autumnal experience is a great one for Nature lovers and wine enthusiasts alike as it includes time in the forests and villages of Iasi in Romania. Groups will join local expert Nicolaie, who will share his deep knowledge of the area as he guides travellers through stunning forest trails. Starting in the fragrant botanical gardens, the group will then head up to the hillside villages for a jaw-dropping view of the landscape -complete with fall colours.

Along the trail, there will be stops at the famous monasteries of Dobrovat and Hadambu and a visit to the Geological and Paleontological reservation hidden in the secluded oaks. The tour is rounded off on the return hike with a stop at a local wine cellar for an autumn tasting of the very best Iasi has to offer.

ToursByLocals offers the six-hour Autumn leaf-peeping and nature tour close to Iasi from £114 per group for up to four people. The tour includes guiding services. Extra costs include wine, personal expenses and admission to gardens.

Catch the last of the summer sun on Croatia’s secret islands
For many, autumn is about holding on to the very last of that summer sun, or if you live in the UK, it’s about finding it in the first place! When seeking out those warmer climates, people rightly turn their attention to the Mediterranean – and Croatia. The country boasts fantastic weather deep into October, and coastal destinations such as Split remain a holiday paradise. However, it is the lesser-known islands off of the coast that are the ones to visit.

The private speedboat tour in SplitGroups will join local guide and skipper Milos, who runs an exhilarating speedboat and hidden islands tour around the coast of Split. As part of this unique experience, Milos ventures to the more secretive and hidden parts of the islands; places known only to the locals.

The whole family will love the thrilling speedboat voyage around the Krknjaši and Šolta Islands, absorbing the picturesque views of this part of the world. These islands boast secret lagoons, secluded beaches and stunning views of the main coastline.

There will also be time for swimming and snorkelling at a private Blue Lagoon area nicknamed ‘hidden paradise’, giving the children plenty of time to explore and meet some aquatic friends. This really is the perfect escape for those who aren’t quite ready to embrace the colder months!

The eight-hour Private Speedboat Hidden Islands Tour is priced at £665 per tour for up to four people. The tour includes guiding services and private transportation in a Speedboat Baracuda 545. Extra costs include food and personal expenses

Dive into the local markets and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bellinzona, Switzerland
The historic Swiss town of Bellinzona is an incredible destination to visit at any time of the year; however, a visit in autumn may just take precedence.

Natural produce on a local market stall

The recent harvest means the markets are bountiful with local produce from the nearby farms, with so much great food just waiting to be sampled and celebrated.

Groups will join local guide and food aficionado Patricia on this journey through the Ticino capital to find and savour local delicacies. On this tour, travellers will meet the locals from the town, including grocers, farmers and life-long residents.

There is also time for a visit to the famous castles that stand along the Ticino Valley. These historic castles are a listed UNESCO world heritage site and the only visible example left in the entire Alpine Arc of medieval military architecture of its type. The group will stop at several viewpoints for a spectacular look at the surrounding landscape.

The three and a half hour Bellinoza Markets and Castles Tour is priced from £534 per group for up to ten people. The tour includes guiding services. Extra costs include personal expenses and food.

Witness the changing of the leaves in Canada
While New England is known worldwide for its incredible fall foliage, its nearby neighbour Canada also boasts stunning natural scenery to rival the states. Towering sugar maples are turning a brilliant orange that pops against the deep blue sky, while aspens are rustling their sunshine yellow leaves.

The amazing range of colours in the trees that can only be seen in the fall

In Saint John, New Brunswick, local expert and accredited guide Rod will lead groups to experience all this and more. Groups travelling along the two major river routes in the area will witness the astonishing changing colours that stretch out far and wide, only occurring at this time of year.

Rod will also tour groups around the iconic Reverse Falls that runs along the rugged and colourful terrain base. These rapids are produced by a running gorge and perfectly compliment the surrounding landscape to leave a truly jaw-dropping impression on those who view it. Cameras are encouraged!

The five-hour Fall Foliage Tour in and around Saint John, New Brunswick, is priced from £665 per group, for up to ten people. The tour includes guiding services. Extra costs include food, personal expenses and HST.

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Where to Go this Autumn to Enjoy Natures Beauty & Stimulate Your Senses 2


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