The Need-To-Know Autumn/Winter Health & Beauty Trends

Autumn/Winter Health & Beauty Trends

Learn more about the top trends for autumn/winter 2018 – from drinking your skincare to ditching shampoo for good.

Here’s what’s trending in the world of health, hair and beauty for autumn/winter 2018.

‘Negative Space’ hair colouring

It might sound more sci-fi than hair related but this new colour trend is set to take balayage to another level.

This new type of balayage is more sophisticated and natural-looking than the current approach – making the colour more maintainable too. And it’s being picked up by A-listers and bloggers everywhere.

Jack Howard

Jack Howard, celebrity colourist at the iconic Paul Edmonds salons, also known as the ‘balayage king’, explains all: “Negative space refers to the darker areas needed to make your lighter pieces of balayage really pop. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a blonde or a brunette, this is a must for luxe-looking hair. The Need-To-Know Autumn/Winter Health & Beauty Trends 2What you’re looking for is a soft contrast between light and dark, NOT a stripe, and the negative space should be your base colour – not darker, not lighter, not orange, not ashy! This is done by a balayage application, not using foils. Negative space is either your natural hair colour against pre-lightened colour, or we create negative space with hair colour – you need the contrast to stop colour looking solid and unnatural.”

He adds: “Think of it in terms of an old-fashioned lowlight, negative space is a more modern conversation about depth and creating dimension. You don’t want negative space around the face, the placement needs to be thought about and personalised for each individual look. It fits perfectly with the push back to a more natural sophisticated feel, the opposite of the heavy colour incarnations and bright blondes.”

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