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Heavy metal detoxing

Heavy metal detoxing

The overuse of plastic is one of this year’s hottest topics. And while our use of plastic is having devastating effects on the planet, it also poses health risks to us too.

When certain plastics break down they release toxins into our environment and in rare cases, the food we eat. One example is irresponsibly-sourced fish. Heavy metal is one which toxin which can be known to release nasties called ‘free radicals’ in our systems.
It’s all very scientific and research is limited, but it does show that these free radicals can cause us jip, the least serious being brain fog and tiredness.

Which is why, the most health-conscious among us have been partaking in heavy metal detoxes by permanently removing certain foods from our diet.

Some are also opting for Heavy Metal Detox Injections to flush out these metals. They’re currently offered by London’s Vitamins Injections Clinic and while they can’t completely stop the toxins entering our bodies, they can dramatically reduce them.

Though an extreme approach, if you are serious about staying in peak condition all year round, a heavy metal detox is certainly something to look into.

Leanne Kelsall

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