The Need-To-Know Autumn/Winter Health & Beauty Trends

The Need-To-Know Autumn/Winter Health & Beauty Trends 3

The ‘no shampoo’ movement

A lot of shop-bought shampoos contain nasties like sulphates and parabens which don’t do our locks any good.

The Need-To-Know Autumn/Winter Health & Beauty Trends 4Which is why those brave enough have ditched shampoo completely choosing to wash their hair with apple cider vinegar and baking soda instead.

If you don’t fancy that (we don’t blame you) you can now buy specially-formulated, detergent-free shampoo alternatives that won’t damage your hair.

One such brand at the forefront of this movement is Hairstory, with their collection of all-natural washes and styling products that freshen-up your locks and smell simply divine. It’s worth having a read of their ethos to see how they’re shaking up the world of hair.

The products are made from a blend of essential oils, crushed herbs and natural cleaners.

I tried their ‘New Wash’ in place of my usual shampoo and conditioner and oh my, it left my hair glossy and voluptuous, completely transforming my usual dry, dull locks. Their ‘New Wash’ is a single, beautifully-designed bottle that has all the washing, conditioning, detangling and repairing power you need. And it really does work.

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