Avery Verse Luxury Bags

Avery Verse Luxury Bags

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There’s something quintessentially Australian about a new range of enviable handbags from design house Avery Verse – a feet-on-the-ground, unpretentious and admirably ethical approach to the world of luxury goods.

Instead of seeing just how stratospheric a price they might get away with – then raising it by the traditional 13% a year – the people behind Avery Verse’s handbags say they will be high quality but modestly priced for women who are more impressed by practical luxury than the number of zeroes on the price tag.

“So many famous brand handbags sell for inflated prices that don’t represent any added value,” says Christie Cook, half of the husband-and-wife team of visionaries behind the Avery Verse design house.

“The people who are already clamouring to get hold of our first bags by registering on the website appreciate the gimmick-free design.

“There’s no need for a diamond-encrusted love-heart on your handbag, so we’ve come up with a style that’s practical as well as unashamedly luxurious.”

Take a closer look at the initial offerings and the only thing that does seem to be missing is a zero or two on the price-tag – and that’s a feature that Christie and her husband Taylor are immensely proud of.

Avery Verse Luxury Bags 3Expect to pay less than $1,000 (US, not Australian) for Avery Verse’s hand-crafted Italian leather bags – all created in the mind of respected Greek designer Angelo Loukakis.

Avery Verse, taking its name from Avery, meaning counsel or wise, and Verse as in romantic poetry, sees its style as intentionally subdued, appealing to women who are confident enough about themselves not to need a “look at me” handbag of the sort beloved of the insecure.

Avery Verse’s bags will be a must-have for women who appreciate inclusivity, altruism and quality and want timeless style with an edgy flair at an attractive rather than an extortionate price.

Unusually for a luxury brand, Avery Verse will not be using models to advertise its bags. The founders believe many women feel alienated or question their own body image when they see adverts featuring models who are often airbrushed and Photo-shopped to represent a supposed ideal that even the models themselves can’t achieve.

“We’d rather let the bags be their own glamour,” says Christie.

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Avery Verse Luxury Bags 4

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