Avery Verse Luxury Bags

Avery Verse Luxury Bags

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Remarkably, the company aims to donate 10% of the sale of every bag to charity – not the multi-nationals that spend a significant proportion of their income on administration, but smaller good causes that will benefit directly – and Avery Verse will be chronicling the initiatives on its blog.

It’s possible to be fashionable as well as a friend of the Earth, reasons Avery Verse, so it will be bucking another trend by eschewing the chromium-tanned leather used in 90% of luxury bags and using, instead, far more environmentally-friendly and sustainable vegetable-tanned leather.

Apart from avoiding the toxic process involved in chromium-tanning (and who’d want the Earth to suffer for your handbag?), vegetable-tanned leather is produced in a 6,000-year-old, time-consuming process that gives your handbag a distinctive look, touch and natural smell and, if used every day, ages in a way that enhances its character and beauty.

Avery Verse’s commitment to quality means the bag should easily last a lifetime, so your great-great-granddaughter may well be wearing your Avery Verse long into the future and be delighted when she spots you wearing it in what might then appear as a quaint old photo!

And the bag is even better value for money when you consider that it might well last for a century, says Christie.

Avery Verse Luxury Bags 3“Our highly-skilled artisans put their heart and soul into turning the fine leathers we use into handbags that will appeal to stylish women everywhere – women who, probably, already have the little black dress, the knee-high leather boots, the houndstooth coat and the business suit.

“They will appreciate the sheer quality of our Avery Verse creations – handbags with a timeless appeal that will make them feel happy rather than guilty when they buy them!

“After all, shouldn’t luxury items make you feel happy?”

However, those who yearn for a handbag so exclusive that only four other women in the world will be able to own one should look out for the limited-edition ranges that Avery Verse will be releasing later this year.

With a guarantee that Avery Verse will not make any more than five of each design, they will come with the built-in rarity that some buyers crave, with a price premium to match.

Unusually, too, Avery Verse aims to create relationships between other bag companies with a Love Board on Pinterest dedicated to honouring great bags – even if they happen to be their competitors’.

That’s typical of a no-nonsense company whose founders are passionate, thoughtful and want to give their customers a really great product – handbags that won’t become irrelevant in two years’ time.

Those who want to be among the first in the world to own an Avery Verse creation can register their interest and bag their bags at “mates’ rates” at www.averyverse.com

Avery Verse Luxury Bags 1

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Avery Verse Luxury Bags 1

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