The Avery Verse Collection Of Eco-Friendly Luxury Handbags

The Avery Verse Collection Of Eco-Friendly Luxury Handbags

Ground-breaking Australian luxury brand Avery Verse has released new pictures of its stunning eco-friendly handbags that will soon be gracing the shoulders of the world’s most elegant women

As revealed here in Luxurious Magazine, Avery Verse has taken a typically Australian approach to things by putting the planet before profits and creating a range of handbags that are as environmentally-friendly as they are beautiful.

Admirers of the bag on your shoulder may not be aware of it, but Avery Verse’s world-class creations will be made from sustainable vegetable-tanned leather instead of the chromium-tanned leather used in 90% of luxury bags.

The 6,000-year-old vegetable-tanning process is much more time-consuming but results in a bag that has a distinctive touch, feel and smell and ages beautifully – plus it should last so long that your great-great grand-daughter could be enjoying it in a hundred years’ time and thanking you, her ancestor, for having such good taste!

Conceived by respected Greek designer Angelo Loukakis, Avery Verse’s Italian leather bags are all hand-crafted – and they won’t be using models to promote them, preferring to let the bags do all the glamour themselves.

Co-founder Christie Cook believes her bags will appeal to women who recognise good quality and don’t feel the need to out-bling every other female in sight.

Avery Verse’s initial range of bags includes:

The Ballad Handbag

Avery Verse Ballad Handbag

An haute couture handbag that looks, feels and smells like a work of art. The glorious red exterior is quietly distinctive, while the bag comes with a black suede interior and gold colored buckles and hardware. It also comes in black. People who want a practical luxury accessory with plenty of space inside will love it! Expect to pay $945 AUD ($700 USD), though all prices are subject to currency exchange fluctuations.

The Sublime Handbag

Avery Verse Sublime Handbag

As green in colour as it is in its environmental credentials, this is a gorgeous and very luxurious handbag with a shoulder strap and gold embellishments. Available in fashionable and highly versatile deep green, the Sublime is versatile enough to use in the office or on a special date night. And you can have it in purple, too! Expect to pay $945 AUD ($700 USD).

The Industrial Tote

Avery Verse Industrial Tote

Mixing high fashion with a retro grunge look, The dark coffee-coloured Industrial Tote is large, stylish, and embellished with brass coloured studs. The lining is high-quality suede and there is a small but useful interior coin pocket. Expect to pay $1040 AUD ($770 USD).

The Country Lane Tote

Avery Verse Country Lane

As near to a workhorse as a luxury tote can be, this casual everyday bag is designed for your personal items and is even big enough to take your laptop. It’s also perfect as a carry-on air travel bag. Finished in tan and dark coffee, this soft and attractive bag is lined with high quality black suede. Expect to pay $970 AUD ($720 USD).

The Urban Stroll

Avery Verse Urban Stroll

As a cross-body bag that goes equally well with day or evening wear, The Urban Stroll comes in Navy Blue, Black or Dark Coffee. It’s particularly versatile and, while smaller than most, it has enough room for your phone, purse, keys and small essentials. Expect to pay $888 AUD ($660 USD).

All of Avery Verse’s bags come with dust bags in its signature boxes – and the only things missing are the extra zeros on the price-tags.

But there is one hidden extra that all buyers of an Avery Verse bag can take some personal satisfaction from: the company will be donating 10% of the profits of every bag to charity – not the multi-nationals with high salaries and running costs, but much smaller good causes that can do genuine good with the money.

Avery Verse will be chronicling its charitable donations and what happens to them on its blog as it believes buyers will appreciate its transparency as much as its glorious, glamorous bags.

Avery Verse – Where and how

Customers excited to be among the first to own an Avery Verse bag can order now on the website at

See more from Avery Verse in the gallery below


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