Let the Barrington Double Watch Winder Do all the Hard Work For You

Let the Barrington Double Watch Winder Do all the Hard Work For You 5
Review: The Barrington Double Watch Winder

Fed up with winding and setting the time on your high-end wristwatch? Perhaps you should consider investing in a Barrington double watch winder and have all the hard work done for you?

Let the Barrington Double Watch Winder Do all the Hard Work For You 6I am a fan of wristwatches and although my collection is best described as small, I do have two particular watches which are so special, they stand out above all others I own.

As you can well imagine,  I was “over the moon” when Paul Godbold gave me the opportunity to review a Barrington double watch winder. And for clarification, the watch shown is one from his collection and sadly, not mine!

The Barrington watch winder I received was very well protected and took me a few minutes to break into the exterior packaging.

I removed the double watch winder from its cloth bag and took a moment to observe its superb styling.

It boasts a solid design, and this particular model was Shadow Black, highly polished and finished to a very high standard, thereby making it a perfect item of furniture for any environment.

It is square in shape with the corners smoothed for a subtle appearance, and with a glass-fronted door for access to the watch pockets; this adds to the luxury feel as your designer watches rotate in front of you.

The interior, which is lined with a carbon styled material, gives a slightly masculine feel.

However, this Barrington unit will look amazing for either a gentleman’s or lady’s timepiece. Underneath the door is a draw, which is lined in the same carbon styled material as the internal facia of the unit, with storage for additional watches.

The Barrington double watch winder

Before starting work, I’ll decide on the watch I am going to wear, but, more often than not I’ll find the automatic movements have used all the reserve power, and the date is incorrect. Although a  swift wind gets through the day it often leaves the timekeeping a little unreliable.

How the Barrington double watch winder works
It has two multi-directional (clockwise and counter-clockwise) winders that hold watches in situ with a sponge retainer inside a fastened watch strap. The individual rotors are programmable and managed by remote control for ease of use.

The turns per day are pre-set in 650, 750, 850, 1000 and 1950 variables with rests every minute. Varying the rest periods avoids the possibility of over-winding dependent on the turns per day.

There is a selection of LED lights neatly positioned at the top of the case, illuminating the interior space with a nice bright white light, and behind the control panel, there is a modern electric blue light LED.

Let the Barrington Double Watch Winder Do all the Hard Work For You 7

The control panel offers a display demonstrating the direction of rotation, the rotor in use, turns per day and working status. There is another interface to the right of the control panel illuminating the chosen action. Again the blue light is a really nice feature.

To the rear of the case, there are three switches, for power, LED illumination and lights on when the door is open.

Barrington Double Watch Winder with the case front openedThe stunning lines and beautiful design of the Barrington Double Watch Winder make this a really appealing product to be used practically daily and without a huge price tag.

The single watch winder is identical in its luxurious finish, and starts from £99, while the example we reviewed starts from £349. There are also 4, 6 and 12 variations available.

The Barrington website demonstrates all colours available including Burnt Amber, Racing Green, Crimson Red, Electric Yellow, Shadow Black, Midnight Blue and Glacier White.

The Barrington Double Watch Winder is a classic and very well designed addition to a collection of watches and is ideally sized to blend into all environments. The finish is to a very high standard, inside and out, and offers features I hadn’t thought would be needed.

If I were to make any suggestions as to what could be improved, there would be only one – the drawer material could be of a slightly higher grade material to complement the watches stored.

Barrington Double Watch Winder – Where and how

You can find more information at their website: barringtonwatchwinders.com.

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Let the Barrington Double Watch Winder Do all the Hard Work For You 8


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