Bathtub Gin Cleans Up at the Drinks Industry ‘Oscars’

Bathtub Gin Cleans Up at the Drinks Industry 'Oscars'

Bathtub Gin producer Atom Brands has started 2020 with a string of industry accolades from the Oscar’s of the drinks industry.

Atom Brand took home the coveted UK Gin Producer of the Year award for the second time in three years at the 2019 International Wine & Spirit Competition and also collected the Grand Gin Master Award at Spirits Masters and the Overall Grand Master award for the 3rd year running.

Gin remains hugely popular, and the gin boom shows no sign of slowing down, with over 80 million bottles of gin sold in the UK in the 12 months to June 2019.* Sales of gin are forecast to reach a mighty 88 million cases by 2023.**

The growth in the gin market and increasing consumer love for gin is primarily fuelled by quality. These industry accolades are recognition of the supreme high-quality of Atom Brand’s gins which are perfectly positioned to continue to cater for our fondness of craft gin throughout 2020.

Started in a tin shed by three childhood friends with a shared love of spirits, Atom Brands launched in 2011 and is now leading the tribe of challenger brands in the drinks industry. Atom Brands produces some of the most innovative, high-growth and multi-award-winning (and delicious) spirits brands available on the market today.

Atom Brands starts 2020 with a host of industry awards

Managing Director, Nick Ravenhall, commented on the wins: “Winning the title of UK Gin Producer of the Year from the International Wine & Spirit Competition for the second time is a great privilege for the whole team at Atom Brands. We’ve had a great run during awards season, as we were also lucky enough to pick up the Overall Grand Master and Gin Master trophies at the Spirits Masters Awards ceremony.

We’re so delighted to see all of the hard work that goes into the creation of every bottle and every brand in our portfolio recognised by the leading experts in the industry. We have an amazing team, who make the magic happen on a daily basis and we can’t wait to celebrate together.”

Now in its 8th year, Atom Brands agile approach to innovation and grassroots marketing has enabled it to be one of the fastest-growing businesses in the spirits industry. The portfolio of brands includes the flagship Bathtub Gin, Drinks by the Dram, which in 2012, produced one of the first whisky and gin advent calendars available on the market and That Boutique-y Drinks Company which now comprises whisky (launched 2012), gin (launched 2017) and rum (launched 2018).

That Boutique-y Gin Company push the boundaries of flavour

That Boutique-y Gin Company’s mission is to explore every perceivable dimension of flavour in spirits. The mantra began with “why not?” and has become “because we can!” as That Boutique-y Gin Company push the boundaries of flavour in ever more delicious directions.

The brand was named the World Gin Award’s Brand Innovator of the year in 2019 and has become known for creating and bottling some of the most imaginative and delicious gins you’ll ever drink. These include the award-winning Moonshot Gin, Spit-Roasted Pineapple Gin and Chocolate Orange Gin.

Bathtub Gin is stirring up the drinks industry

Atom Brands’ Bathtub Gin was born from the founders’ search for a fresher, bolder gin.

After finding that nothing quite delivered the vibrant flavour they were looking for, they decided to hand-craft their own. The result is a uniquely characterful gin, full of fresh botanical flavours that stand proud in any mixed drink – and work particularly well in a gin and tonic with a slice of orange.

The secret to the distinct taste is a double infusion process which adds extra layers of flavour and freshness as well as a touch of colour to the resulting gin. In homage to the historical methods that inspired the modern-day Bathtub Gin, every bottle is wrapped, strung and waxed by hand in the Kent HQ.

2020 will see Atom Brands promote Bathtub Gin around the UK, encouraging people to try Bathtub Gin with ‘lots of ice, an orange slice and somebody nice’.

Bathtub gin is available to purchase at Masters of Malt.

* The Drinks Business – Gin still on top – 25 November 2019 – figures recently released from the Wine and Spirit Trade Association.

**IWSR – Drinks Market Analysis – 29 May 2019.

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