Bedat & Co Collection No3 ref 304 watch

Bedat & Co Collection No3 ref 304 watch 4The first model in the BEDAT & C° collections was created in 1997. Undeniably the simplest and most understated, it gained an immediate audience. Ten years after its launch, this watch is still highly successful.

Sophisticated Watches From The BEDAT & C° No 3 Collection

Created in 1997, the No 3 Collection features a “tonneau” shape that is curved 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock.

The number three symbolizes perfection, totality.

Many religions use ternary symbolism: the Holy Trinity, the Wise Men and Jesus’ resurrection three days after his death are just a few of the thousands of examples in the Bible.

The “three gems” are the pillars of faith for Buddhists. In the Kabbalistic tradition, three is the unity of all things, the mystery of intellectual initiation.

Why are BEDAT & Co watches known by numbers?
When BEDAT & C° was launched in 1997, Christian Bédat devised a global brand concept based on the strong values of differentiation, timelessness, elegance and sophistication.
The names of the collections were an integral part of this approach and were chosen to reinforce these values. Each number corresponds to a philosophy or a specific aesthetic appearance.

Within the watchmaking world, watch names are rarely consistent with the timepiece itself or with the brand. That is why the four BEDAT & C° collections carry numbers. Representing a unique phenomenon within the watch business, this naming principle gives the watch lines a definite form of cohesion.
In addition, numbers offer many other advantages in that they are easy to memorize, universal and pronounceable in all languages. Moreover, they embody powerful symbolism. For example, the figure eight, which is both the BEDAT & C° logo and the name of the collection of round watches, is the symbol of infinity. It is often represented by an hourglass.

The numbers do not follow on from each other and are not associated with any particular chronological order. The first BEDAT & C° collection is thus not called N°1, which was created well after N°3 and N°7. At BEDAT & C°, numbers are timeless.
It is impossible to say whether a watch is more recent than another, not only because of their style, but also because of their name.

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