Beebombs are the Perfect Way to Spread Some Love this Spring

Beebombs are the Perfect Way to Spread Some Love this Spring

Spring is almost here, and there’s a simple thing you can do to share some love and that is to give back to nature by planting some Beebombs.

Over the past twelve months, “look after others” has been ingrained in us. However, I don’t believe it should be applied solely to human beings. Nature needs our help too, and in particular the bees.

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘busy as a bee’, and it’s quite apt. Although tiny in comparison to ourselves, the average bee will fly off foraging for approximately two miles every day, some even further.

Obviously, a bee would prefer to forage closer to home, but that’s becoming more difficult with people opting for minimalist gardens and artificial turf. The lack of urban greenery coupled with wildflower meadows and open spaces being cleared away for the benefit of the developers bulging pockets is causing a crisis for our hairy little friends.

Beebombs are the Perfect Way to Spread Some Love this Spring 4
Fact: 97% of Native British Wildlife has been lost since World War II, and this can be put down to human activities.
Beebombs are the Perfect Way to Spread Some Love this Spring 4

Two bees feeding from some yellow wildflowers

Bees are vital to us as people in several ways. They are excellent pollinators helping plants grow and breed, creating the healthy foods we all need. And they obviously help our economy through this process.

To me, planting wildflowers using products like Beebombs is not only a way of giving something back to the natural world; it’s also a simple way to help my fellow human beings.

Although there is estimated to be approximately 20,000 species of bee worldwide, here in the UK, we have only 270 types, and they are in dire need of our help.

I’m sure you’ve seen a bee motionless on the pavement and thought it was dead or dying. Your assumption would likely be correct as the bee is probably completely worn out and needs an urgent energy boost to get home. This is where products like Beebombs can help.

A pack of Beebombs with a couple of the bombs outside the bag

What are Beebombs, and what is inside them?
Beebombs are rounded cork-shaped blocks of unfortified soil. They are packed full of wildflower seeds which have been specifically chosen as they are ideal for bees.

Beebombs, which are also known as seed bombs, have been in use for thousands of years. A Japanese government plant scientist rediscovered them by the name Fukuoka. He pioneered the modern-day concept of the seed ball, and it’s his tried and tested methods used in the Beembombs.

A couple of bags of Beebombs ready to be set off in my garden

The Beebombs are handmade in Dorset and contain 18 varieties of wildflowers. They are incredibly effective as just one pack of Beebombs is enough to cover an area roughly 21 sqft in size.

Bees in the news
Bees have recently made the headlines. Sadly, it’s not been for the best of reasons. The story is directly related to the UK’s departure from the EU.

In April 2018, the EU took the decision to ban neonicotinoids. Once the UK left the EU, the ban was no longer applicable, leaving the door wide open. If you’re not familiar with Neonicotinoids, they are regarded as the most poisonous insecticide in the world and sadly, it is also one of the most popular.

Along with the poisonous aspect, neonicotinoids impact bees ability to sleep. I am sure that many of you reading this would’ve enjoyed a good night sleep. Without it, you’d feel lousy and find it hard to function. It’s no different for the natural world, with almost every living creature needing sleep in some form of another to function properly.

Beebombs placed in a wooden planter in my garden

Bees are vital to our wellbeing, and we should all be doing whatever we can to help them. Before writing this piece, I filled six large planters with soil, wildflower seeds and, of course, Beebombs. It wasn’t tough to do, and it has prompted me to take the next step.

Front gardens, aside from looking pretty, have very little practical use. Why not join me in planting the whole of the front lawn with wildflowers? Not only will it bring a variety of colour to what has been a rather grey twelve months, but it will also become a lifesaver for the bees and other insects.

Beebombs – Where and how?

Beebombs are available in a variety of packs. You can purchase a single pack or packs of five, ten or twenty, depending on the size of the area you want to cover. Gift vouchers are also available, and you can even make a special presentation of them with a personalised gift card. You can find out more information, including pricing, at

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Beebombs are the Perfect Way to Spread Some Love this Spring 4


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