Benetau launches the new Oceanis 45 Yacht

Benetau launches the new Oceanis 45 YachtBenetau Oceanis 45 Yacht – Never has comfort been so great

In the 80s, Beneteau innovated and launched the Oceanis range; a range in which sailing focuses on sharing and the pleasure of living at sea. Safe and spirited, Oceanis yachts are as comfortable cruising as they are capable on longer offshore journeys.

Permanently being rethought to bring greater pleasure at sea, Beneteau has recently launched 3 new models. Including the Oceanis 45 Yacht offering more space and comfort and maintaining the joy of safe sailing.

On the new Oceanis 45 Yacht, Beneteau kept the essential DNA features of the Oceanis range:

> A large cockpit enclosed by a rear seat

> A mineral architecture, with elegant taut lines

> Good performance under sail.

In addition to the features above, Beneteau has made major improvements on the Oceanis 45 Yacht in the following areas:

> The cockpit space and the volume of the fittings

> Interior light

> Good sea-keeping

> Access to the sea

Features reserved for Superyachts can now be found on the Oceanis 45 Yacht

> An aft bathing platform opening by remote control

> Dock & Go technology on option

> Multiple layout solutions in the saloon

Comfort is primarily felt in terms of ergonomics:

> Thanks to the mainsail arch, it is easier to go inside, with a 45° companionway instead of the 60° on most standard yachts.

> The long roof glazing and the hull glazing take maximum advantage of the CE standard and enable natural lighting all along the hull.

> To increase the size of the interior features without sacrificing the size of the cockpit, Beneteau has reexamined the open transom feature. The Oceanis 45 Yacht keeps the protective feature of the cockpit when sailing, with its large rear seat; and at the same time opens to the sea at anchor, like no other boat.

> The continuous bilge over the full length of the Beneteau Oceanis 45 Yacht brings 2 major benefits in terms of comfort: A greater bed width in the forward cabins (an island bed on the 45), but also a larger deck (the very large cockpit can accommodate a good-sized table and fridge).

Great developments have also been made on the Oceanis 45 Yacht in relation to sea-keeping:

> The bilge doesn’t only offer more space inside, but it maximizes stability on the 1st heel angles, which enables high-performance sailing in a moderate heel.

> The mast was brought back to 47% from the bow (against 42% for most modern cruising yachts). Pascal Conq, the naval architect for the project, who together with Jean-Marie Finot, has been working with Benetau for many years, and their record of achievements for racing yachts is impressive (4 out of 5 of the last Vendée Globe races). They talk of this innovation: A mast in the middle of the boat primarily achieves good mainsail/genoa balances, with little overlap, which gives the sails high aspect ratios but also makes the genoas easier to tack. Since we no long need much overlap we can put the chain-plates on the deck line, which gets rid of the usual chain-plate stay bolts inside and simplifies the structure. We did not choose the self-tacking jib, because the loss in efficiency would be huge and the increase in pitching generated by the complete absence of overlap is extremely disadvantageous. This is why the genoas have a 108% overlap against 85% with self-tacking jibs; a very great difference.
Great developments have also been made in relation to sea-keeping:> The code 0 sail is available on option. It can be used to sail at a 4 knot windspeed, with a true wind between 65° and 120°.

> There is a mainsail arch enabling quick deployment of a Bimini top. It also increases safety in the cockpit without losing performance.

> These new Oceanis 45 Yacht is eligible for Dock&Go technology, a revolutionary and exclusive system. This new Beneteau innovation makes manoeuvring in the harbour easier thanks to a cross-shaped joystick at the helm station. It has 90° rotation to port or starboard, forward and reverse on the spot rotation, enabling you to move the boat in a limited space and access the most difficult harbour berths.

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