Bentley Momentum Unbreakable is a Masculine, Floral & Spicy New Fragrance

Bentley Momentum Unbreakable is a Masculine, Floral & Spicy New Fragrance

Bentley, the British icon of style, luxury and elegance, has created a fragrance to recognise the men that buy their cars. Momentum Unbreakable is the spirit within the man who chooses his path, doesn’t adopt trends and savours freedom.

Our editorial team is fortunate to experience some of the best things in life. The world’s finest Travel, Food, Drink and Entertainment all come our way, but we never take this for granted. When Bentley contacted us with an invitation to participate in a mixology event to celebrate the launch of their new fragrance, I was delighted to accept the invitation on behalf of Luxurious Magazine.

A couple of days before the Zoom Mixology session, a large box arrived containing a complete cocktail making kit along with a bottle of the Momentum Unbreakable fragrance.

The mixing kit and a bottle of the fragrance sent by Bentley

I was impressed with the attention to detail Bentley had put into the items supplied, but then I reflected that this is what the famous marque puts into their gorgeous cars. Perfection is in the company’s character and everything they put the renowned B in Wings to.

A bottle of the fragrance next to its box on a white background

The B in Wings sits proudly on the unique stone veneer which covers the front of the bottle. Each plate is individual, cut from blocks; the patterns will differ on every bottle. Bentley sees this as characterising the man who wears the fragrance. An individual who doesn’t follow convention.

The back of the bottle is adorned with a homage to the marque’s signature knurling. The textured pattern appeared in W.O. Bentley’s second car. Bentley has also placed a matte-black plate covering the height of the bottle, bringing another dimension to the users’ experience.

Before the cocktail making session started, I listened to the lady who helped blend the Momentum Unbreakable fragrance. Ane Ayo described the processes involved in designing a scent that captures Bentley’s spirit and ethos. Grasse-born Master Perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin worked with Ane Ayo from Bilbao, combining ingredients to conjure up the smell of freedom, individuality and luxury.

Bottles containing the individual components that go into making the Bentley Momentum Unbreakable fragrance

The Fragrance
Dreamwood©, a sustainable natural molecule that reproduces the smoky, creamy scent of sandalwood, Momentum Unbreakable combines high-tech and high-quality ingredients.

The fragrance opens with hints of violet leaf, which adds an aquatic touch to sparkling mandarin Sfuma. Green, floral and aromatic, Sfuma is known as one of the most refined mandarin oils globally and is almost a perfume in itself. A clean flash of lavender, matched with mint-fresh, rosy geranium, is softened by precious, powdery orris.

Spicy through accents of liquorice, dried fruit and amber, immortelle warms the heart of Momentum Unbreakable. These are notes that make the scent’s sexy masculine signature: a rich, warm palette of woods.

Momentum Unbreakable introduces Dreamwood© is sourced from carbon-neutral biotechnology and is a 100% natural ingredient. Used instead of Mysore sandalwood, a protected species in India, Dreamwood© is a sustainable alternative sharing the same olfactory richness.

Fabrice Pellegrin heads the natural ingredients sector of the Swiss fragrance house of Firmenich, where the ingredient was developed, “Dreamwood© adds an unexpected presence to the fragrance’s composition, bringing a richly luminous aura with the same codes found in Mysore sandalwood essential oil.”

One of the Master Perfumer’s favourite materials is Dark velvety patchouli; it supports the woody facets of the creamy, sensual sandalwood note. Its smokiness is layered by Haitian vetiver and papyrus.

  • Fragrance family: Woody floral spicy
  • Top notes: Violet leaves, mandarin sfuma, lavender
  • Heart notes: Immortelle, geranium, orris
  • Base notes: Dreamwood™, vetiver from Haiti, papyrus, patchouli

I was thrilled that Bentley sent me a bottle of Momentum Unbreakable and will appreciate using it. The scent is pleasing, with a small spray lasting a long time. If an aroma can express luxury, this fragrance does, and along with the superbly crafted bottle, anyone having a bottle will feel special.

Bentley Momentum Unbreakable – Where and How?

The fragrance has an RRP of £69.50 for a 100ml bottle. UK and EU customers can make a purchase online HERE. The Momentum Unbreakable Fragrance is also available for global purchase via selected fragrance stores and Bentley retailers.

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Bentley Momentum Unbreakable is a Masculine, Floral & Spicy New Fragrance 2


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