Bespoke Impact Unveil The Ultimate Luxury Bath Toy – A Super Yacht for Kids!

Bespoke Impact Unveil The Ultimate Luxury Bath Toy - A Super Yacht for Kids!

The world’s newest super yacht is about to be launched. It’s just a little less than 110m long, has no radar and you’ll find no champagne in the refrigerator. Bespoke Impact are launching the world’s ultimate luxury bath toy, their highly detailed bath toy super yachts, which are scale replicas of any yacht you choose and will float in your bath or pool.

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How can you legally sink your rival’s super yacht?

I’ve always been fascinated by highly detailed scale models such as the large ship models in museums. I wanted to bring that level of accuracy and mind boggling detail to the ‘man in the street’, or should I say the ‘super yacht owner in the marina’. I have been making models since I was six years old with my first Lightning jet fighter kit from Woolworths and have for many years strived to add more and more detail. Most owners and yacht enthusiasts will have seen static display models at boat shows. How much more fun to have one designed especially for you for the bath. – Ian Stevens

At around 0.5m to 1m long you’ll have no trouble berthing these in Monaco and they will set you back substantially less than M/Y Z.

Bespoke Impact Unveil The Ultimate Luxury Bath Toy - A Super Yacht for Kids! 11Bath toy super yachts are a subtle and fun way to show off your prize possession in the guest bathrooms of your landlocked mansion or city centre apartment. The real vessel may be thousands of miles away but with a bath toy of your super yacht your guests can get a good impression of your marine style while they soak. You could leave one in each guest bathroom on your super yacht.

Many guests will board yachts in a crowded marina and once they are aboard will have little idea of the splendour and sleek lines of your vessel when viewed from a distance.

Bespoke Impact will perfectly replicate the symmetry and lines of your yacht from the CAD drawings. Your bath super yacht may be a present and if the plans are not available they will survey the yacht, discretely if you prefer, and work from photographs and other reference. They can build in just as much detail as you desire including transparent windows, metal deck fittings, navigational equipment and furniture as well helicopters, submarines and jet skis. Precious jewels and metals are also an option.

Alternatively, you could have some fun and do a Philippe. If you supply them with the simplest rough sketch of your original design, which can be as adventurous as you like, they will develop your design with the eye of a marine architect and once you have approved their detailed drawings, they will bring your inspiration into bath size reality. It might spark a new career! Don’t worry if you don’t think you are an artist, as they will discuss your ideas with you and draw the design for you.

Buy two super yacht bath toys, replicas of your own and that of your rival’s super yacht and stage a mini sea battle. Delight as your rival’s super yacht sinks in the bubbles right in front of you!

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Prices start at £ 9,000 plus taxes and delivery.

To discuss options for your own mini super yacht contact Bespoke Impact though their website – or email [email protected]

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