Some of the Best Hotels in the World for that Perfect Bathroom Selfie

Some of the Best Hotels in the World for a Perfect Bathroom Selfie

Taking photo’s of yourself in all manner of places is a modern-day phenomenon. Admittedly, not everyone is a fan of this practice, but those who do take ‘selfie’ images sometimes get them seen millions of times. In this guide, we take you into some of the world’s finest hotel bathrooms, all of which would be an amazing location for a ‘selfie’.

With this being a bathroom feature, there are few better to collaborate on this piece than the heating experts Boiler Central. This guide ranks the bathrooms using a variety of factors, including price, popularity, and public Trip Advisor ratings. The study also looks at prices for both a single night and a long weekend (three nights) booked during the same week.

Driven by social media influencers and celebrities alike, the bathroom selfie trend is an ideal opportunity to flaunt an #OOTD (outfit of the day) or to take a group photo with friends.

With luxury hotel bathrooms offering a more attractive backdrop than most people’s bathrooms at home, the top ten ranking reveals which fancy restrooms offer the best bathroom selfie opportunities on the planet.

#10 – Six Senses Zil Pasyon – Felicite, Seychelles
With a Trip Advisor ranking of 8th out of 841 hotels in Seychelles, Six Senses Zil Payson seems like a “hidden gem” with only 227 reviews – the lowest of the list. However, the hotel offers one of the world’s most enviable backdrops for your bathroom selfies, with gorgeous décor and scenery to boot. It’s the most costly offering on the list, however, with a single overnight stay priced at £1,645.24 or a long weekend break chalking up a bill of £5,258.48.

A bath in one of the Mandrake Hotel suites

#9 – The Mandrake Hotel, London
Brits needn’t travel too far to snap a beautiful luxury hotel bathroom selfie, with The Mandrake Hotel in London offering bathrooms kitted out with a sleek, modern décor at just £320 per night – or £906.67 for a weekend break. With 247 Trip Advisor reviews, this hotel ranks 465th of London’s 1171 hotels listed on the site, placing it 9th on our list.

#8 – The Silo, Cape Town
Known for its idyllic harbour and delicious wines, those thinking of snapping some shots for the ‘gram may consider taking a stay in The Silo in Cape Town. With stunning cityscapes to snap from your room, this hotel offers a single night’s stay at £723.43, with a weekend break costing £2,170.29. Trip Advisor lists 283 reviews, placing it 21st of the area’s 128 hotels.

#7 – The Conrad, Maldives
With a nightly cost of £643.87 or a weekend break pricetag of £2,033.73, The Conrad in the Maldives isn’t just a luxury location – the hotel also offers rooms beneath the Indian Ocean, giving the perfect opportunity for some truly unique bathroom selfies. TripAdvisor sees the hotel weighing in 2,931 reviews, placing The Conrad 200th out of a possible 1344 hotels in the region.

The amazing bathroom at The Royal Monceau Paris

#6 – The Royal Monceau, Paris
There’s nothing better than a full-length mirror, or is there? The Royal Monceau in Paris sports bathrooms that will turn your bathroom selfie into a piece of modern art, with mirrors abound so you can show off all your best angles. At £776.43 per night or £2,244.36 for a weekend stay, The Royal Monceau clocks in 1569 Trip Advisor reviews, placing 139th out of a possible 1857 hotels. When these factors into taken into account, the Parisian paradise ranks 6th on the list.

#5 – Punta Tragara Hotel, Italy
Another European offering, Italy’s Punta Tragara Hotel, overlooks the landmark Faraglioni rock formations in the Tyrrhenian Sea. With modern, minimalist décor and bright, neutral colours, the hotel’s bathrooms offer gorgeous views and, of course, some ideal bathroom selfie opportunities. With 447 reviews on TripAdvisor, the hotel places 14th out of 45 in the region, with a single night’s stay costing £217.20, or £815.31 for a weekend.

#4 – The Ludlow Hotel, New York
With 881 TripAdvisor reviews and a site ranking of 92 out of a possible 516 hotels in the area, New York’s Ludlow Hotel costs £232.72 per night, or £775.52 for a weekend break. What could be better for your luxury bathroom selfie than the stunning backdrop of the sprawling cityscape of the Big Apple? Day or night, these bathrooms guarantee a picturesque setting for your Instagram moment.

One of the best places in the world to take a bathroom selfie is the Peninsula Hong Kong

#3 – The Peninsula, Hong Kong
With Hong Kong dominating the top three of the world’s best hotels to take a perfect bathroom selfie in, we start with The Peninsula. Situated a stone’s throw from the Museum of Art, The Peninsula offers south-facing rooms with views of the waterfront and Hong Kong’s Convention and Exhibition centre. Priced at £262.52 per night, or £830.31 for a weekend break, the hotel sports 2249 reviews on TripAdvisor, placing 44th out of a possible 804 hotels in the area – and third on our list.

#2 – The Upper House, Hong Kong
If you’d rather snap a selfie from the “heart” of Hong Kong’s impressive cityscape, The Upper House boasts large windows offering a bird’s eye view of the streets below – viewed from the comfort of a relaxing soak in the tub. Coming in at £324.02 per night, or £1,150.73 for a weekend stay, the hotel has received 4021 TripAdvisor reviews, ranking 1st in the region. It’s second on our list, as there is one final Hong Kong hotel that offers a lighter blow to your bank account.

The Best place to take a bathroom selfie in the world is at the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

#1 – The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong
Trumping the list by a whisker, The Ritz Carlton offers a single night’s stay of £202.55 or £864.77 for a long weekend break. With 5314 TripAdvisor reviews, the hotel ranks 6th in the region on the site but tops our list here due to the reasonable price tag. We have included an image of a bathroom from one of the hotel’s suites, so the pricing might be a little different but just look at it. Backdrops of lavish décor, enviable views and idyllic mood lighting make The Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong the world’s best bathroom selfie sanctuary.

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Some of the Best Hotels in the World for that Perfect Bathroom Selfie 2


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