Talking Luxury Loungewear with Homebody Co-Founder, Beverley Calvert

Beverley Calvert and Susannah Manning of Homebody

Homebody is a luxury loungewear brand that thus far has been a secret of those ‘in the know’. However, now is the right time to showcase this high-quality, ethical luxury clothing brand to the world. Fortunately, the brand’s Founder, Beverley Calvert, has found some time in her busy schedule to tell us what separates her company from others seeking to bring comfort and relaxation into people’s lives.

We often use a saying in the UK: “Flying under the radar”. It is frequently applied to people and businesses who do extraordinary things whilst remaining out of the limelight. This saying perfectly sums up Homebody, a British luxury loungewear brand that creates some of the most comfortable clothing you could imagine and can do this in a wholly environmentally friendly way.

For this exclusive interview, we talk to Homebody co-founder Beverley Calvert to learn the story behind the brand.

Models showing some of the best-selling products in the Homebody collection

Luxurious Magazine: How did the idea to create Homebody come to life?
Beverley Calvert: Homebody began life because I was tired of looking at my partner’s tatty joggers and boxer shorts in which he liked to sleep! I wanted to smarten him up and get him looking stylish yet comfortable to bed as he was when he was out.

I have an artistic background and am passionate about fine art and fashion. I met my business partner Susannah Manning (Susie) when she had just graduated with her degree in fashion design from university, and we decided that we would create things that would enhance people’s lives.

Susie and I share the design process when it comes to running things. However, we have our own specialist areas; I am more focused on liaising with our retailers, such as Harrods and Liberty. Susie concentrates more on clothes production and often travels the country to visit our factory.

A young woman laying on a fleece blanket in white loungewear

LM: One aspect that particularly appealed to me is your company’s strong environmentally-friendly ethos. Please tell me more about it.
Beverley: Helping the environment is always at the forefront of what Homebody does. We make our fabric from scratch using sustainable yarns that are then knitted, finished and dyed here in the UK using local makers.

We have a very close relationship with our ethical factory and always ensure everyone is treated fairly. Susie and I only make small amounts of clothing each season, and we don’t hold stock, minimising any wastage.

Another thing I want to mention is all of our packaging and courier services are green. We also design clothes that are long-lasting and will be forever loved in the wardrobe – an essential element of not shopping to excess. We only want to create pieces that will enhance the wardrobe.

A closeup look at the yarns used by the company in its clothing line

LM: In addition to the sustainable aspect, what are the other things that separate Homebody from other brands in the market?
Beverley: The most notable thing about our brand is our amazing fabric, so soft it has to be experienced to be believed! We think that what we wear can really influence how we feel, and by making clothes so soft and comforting, that enhance the wearer’s body shape, we simply do feel better. The other thing to mention is our fabric is Thermoregulating – meaning it changes temperature as we do, and this is so useful when we are sleeping.

A closeup look at the fabric used by the company in its clothing line

LM: Please tell me more about the yarns you use in the Homebody clothing.
Beverley: We have two fabrics that we use throughout our collections: One is MODAL SENS – a lightweight modal that has a mix of elastane to help the fabric move when we do and a SNUGGLESENS – our heavier weight tracksuit fabric that is an Ecovero Viscose and elastane mix.

Female model wearint the Regency top and Liberty print trousers

LM: What are your favourite pieces in the current range?
Beverley: My personal favourite for women is our Regency top – it is so easy to wear and looks great with jeans or to bed, and I also love our harems – effortless and great for yoga. I am a little obsessed with our new Liberty print trousers and t-shirt for men – working with Liberty to create these exclusive prints has been amazing!

LM: How involved do you and Susie get with the manufacturing process?
Beverley: We are very involved in the whole of the making process. We love manufacturing in the UK, and it’s one of the reasons we take the time to visit the factory as often as possible.

LM: Homebody’s foundations have been built upon high-quality loungewear. Have you and Susie thought about expanding your current range to include, for example, footwear?
Beverley: We always have our eyes open for products that enhance our lifestyle.

A male model wearing a dark blue top and trousers from Homebody

LM: When I spoke to my colleagues about your products, the words relaxation, comfort and even ‘me time’ kept popping up. Is that what you want people to think when they hear the name Homebody?
Beverley: I love the words ‘me time’ and yes! You could also add restorative, life-enhancing, helpful, gamechanger, child soother to them!

LM: Thank you for your time, Beverly. Is there anything you would like to tell me about Homebody that I may have missed?
Beverley: The interesting thing about Homebody is that no one has heard of us, yet here we still are after many years making clothes that really do enrich peoples lives in a very different way. I should also mention that our collection is only available in Harrods, Liberty and online, so it is very exclusive!

Homebody – Where and how?

You can see all the items in Homebody’s current range of loungewear on their website The products are available to purchase via the brand’s online website and the high-end retailer’s Liberty and Harrods.

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